South Shropshire Speed Awareness Course Praised

An experienced motorist who attended a speed awareness course in Ludlow after being caught speeding to save her "pristine" licence said she learned "vital" road safety information.

Wendy Grint, (correct) with more than 50 years of driving experience, praised the course run by Shropshire’s TTC Group on behalf of West Mercia Police for teaching her about the dangers of driving just a few miles over the limit.

"I honestly didn't think there was a lot I could learn after driving for 53 years but how wrong I was," said Wendy, who had been caught speeding at 60mph in a 50 limit as she overtook a vehicle on an uphill stretch of road at Dinmore Hill, Hereford.

Motorists on the course held at the Mascell Centre in Ludlow were shocked when TTC trainers revealed that a car's powerful impact on hitting a young pedestrian at 40mph was equal to a child hitting the ground after a fall from a second storey window.

"That fact really hit me that if you are doing 30 mph you can stop before hitting a child and the results would not be fatal. But at 40 mph there is a huge difference. I had never had it described to me in that way before and it really hit home.

"There is a lot you can still learn despite how much you think you know. The professional trainers are some of the best I have ever seen after years of attending presentations at national business conferences.

"They made the course lively and interesting and a joy to attend while hammering home the serious points. It was money well spent," said Wendy (70), of Oldwood Common, Tenbury Wells.

A former saleswoman, Wendy used to drive 1,000 miles a week in her jobs for "blue chip" firms. She has also experience in rally driving and has worked in the motor trade.

A total of 250,000 motorists attend speed awareness courses and other driver education sessions run by the TTC Group, the UK's leading driver education specialist, based in Hadley Park, Telford.

They run courses on behalf of police with the aim of reducing road casualties through educating drivers.

"We get very many people contacting us with such positive feedback after going on a speed awareness course. I hope these latest comments will persuade people about the positive nature of the course and understand the very important reasons for driving within the speed limit," said TTC Group MD Jenny Wynn.

Anna Higgins, Communications Manager at the Safer Roads Patrnership said:
"It is very encouraging to see that the speed awareness course continues to make a positive impact on driver behaviour and road safety.

“Speed awareness and national driver offending retraining schemes continue to be supported by national Government and it is acknowledged that education is a more favourable route than prosecution.  They are a highly effective way of improving long term driver behaviour and will continue to be offered within West Mercia."



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