Snapchat – The App of Choice with Millennials?

Millennials are a whole other type of generation with a strong focus on technology and the digital world affecting everything they do. The way they communicate is much different than the way people communicated even 10 years ago, as they look towards apps as a way of meeting and connecting with new people. One of the biggest trends with millennials is Snapchat. This isn’t just an app, it’s basically a lifestyle among millennials as they use it for all kinds of purposes.

A Slow Start

Looking back at the history of Snapchat it's almost hard to believe it has managed to become what it has. When it was first launched five years ago, it really didn't create many waves. It was originally meant to be a sexting app that people could use to contact one another. While this didn’t necessarily take off, Snapchat did manage to find its place in the world of apps and become something much more all-encompassing.

Of course, people are stilling using it for the original purpose but now there are other sources for sexting like Snapchat has now turned into what experts call the MTV of the millennials generation. It showcases everything new, hip, and trending at the moment.

The Demographics

As you look at the demographics of the app it's obvious who it’s geared towards. Stats show that 70% of people in the age range from 18 to 24 years old use the app, while 41% of people in the age range of 18 to 34 year olds use it. Clearly this one is hitting a mark with the younger generation in a big way. In fact, for many of them, this is the main source of communicating with friends.

The company is currently valued at about $30 billion, yes that's right, BILLION. It has roughly 150 million users each and every day that are relying on it to share stories, thoughts, those original sexting messages, and so much more. It seems to have hit its stride with millennials and the app has a clear vision of who it is meant for.

Why is it So Popular?

So why exactly does this app seem to be wooing all the millennials? Well there are a number of reasons but one of the most popular is the fact it allows users to express how they are feeling in that exact moment. Whereas other social networking apps allow users to create collections of photos and status updates, Snapchat is about the right here and right now. In that sense, it allows users to be extremely creative and passionate.

There have also been a number of improvements and updates made to the app over the last few years providing a smoother, faster, and just more fun overall experience. Of course, branding has helped as the brand has managed to make itself look “cool”, which makes it in demand.

It’s Time to Give it a Try

So, whether you’re a millennial or not, it’s time to see what the buzz is all about and give Snapchat a try. Just don’t be surprised if you become hooked like the millions of other users have become.


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