Shropshire vehicle hire firm warns motorists not to be fooled by mild weather conditions

A Shropshire vehicle hire firm is warning drivers not to be fooled by the mild weather conditions and to make sure they are prepared for driving in cold, icy and even snowy conditions.

Jason King from Jolly Good Vehicle Rentals in Bayston Hill said it was important everyone made sure their vehicles were in a fit and safe state to be driven in the cold weather.

He said: “We have been extremely fortunate with the weather so far this winter. “It has been very mild and it’s hard some days to believe we are in the middle of November but rest assured the cold and ice will be upon soon and it’s important that motorists take the necessary precautions now so they don’t get caught out.

“Driving in the winter is very different to being on the road in the warmer months and by taking the time to make a few checks and changes, we can all stay safe on the roads.

“It is important to make sure your tyres have a decent amount of tread on them and that tyre pressures are correct.

“It is always best to use washer fluid with antifreeze as plain water will freeze when it hits the windscreen and can cause a serious hazard.

“It is always an idea to keep an emergency kit in the car should your vehicle break down and you become stranded in bad weather.

“Warm clothes, food, a hot drink, boots and a torch are ideal items to keep in the car as well as a shovel in case you get stuck in the snow.

“Always remember your mobile phone, a charger, some money and check that your breakdown cover is valid.

“Also, don’t forget if traveling in some parts of Europe winter tyres or snow chains are compulsory.

“Always carry a deicer and scraper and don’t be tempted to defrost your windscreen with hot water as you may damage the glass leading to a hefty bill.

“They are simple things to remember and check but these kind of preparations can make all the difference.

“It’s not worth taking the risk to yourself and other road users.”

Mr King said every vehicle that leaves the Jolly Good forecourt has gone through these checks and more to make ensure they were as safe as possible for winter driving.

“We will also be advising customers hiring our vehicles to have their emergency kits at the ready for when they set about their travels.”

Jolly Good Vehicle Hire provides both short and long-term and flexible, rolling hire contracts for vans and cars, with delivery of its vehicles nationwide.


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