Shropshire Drivers Urged To Prepare For Winter

With winter just around the corner, a Shropshire vehicle hire firm has urged drivers to make sure they are prepared for driving in cold, icy and even snowy conditions.

Jason King from Jolly Good Van Hire in Bayston Hill said it was important that everyone took the time to ensure their car or van was in a fit and safe state to be driven in the cold weather.

In Germany, it is the law to fit winter tyres to every vehicle as soon as the mercury drops low enough.

“While this isn’t the case in the UK it is important drivers are aware of the different demands on their vehicle in the winter and take some sensible precautions,” said Mr King.

“Winter driving has very different hazards to the warmer weather and by taking the time to make a few checks and changes, we can all remain safe on the roads.

“Make sure your tyres have a decent amount of tread on them and that tyre pressures are correct. Use a washer fluid with antifreeze, as just plain water will freeze when it hits your windscreen in cold weather, causing a serious hazard.

“Another good tip is to have an emergency kit in the boot of your car should the unfortunate happen and you become stranded out in the elements. Take warm clothes, food, a hot drink, boots, a torch and even a shovel in case you break down.

“Don’t forget your mobile phone and a charger so you can keep in touch with family and the emergency services. Make sure your breakdown cover is valid.

“If you are unsure whether your car is fit for the winter, have it professionally checked or serviced by a garage.”

Mr King said every vehicle that leaves Jolly Good Van Hire’s forecourt has gone through all these checks and more to ensure they were as safe as possible for winter driving.

“It is not worth taking the risks to yourself and other road users and pedestrians,” he added.

Jolly Good Van Hire provides both short and long-term and flexible, rolling hire contracts for vans and cars, with delivery of its vehicles nationwide.

Vans are replaced with brand new models every year and cars every six months, so those with long-term hire contracts regularly enjoy the latest models.


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