Shrewsbury Primary Wedding

Youngsters at a Shrewsbury primary school added a sprinkle of early Valentine’s Day romance to the classroom by staging their own wedding ceremony.

The wedding party was made up of pupils from Grange Primary who welcomed retired vicar Mike Kinna to oversee proceedings.

With the school hall decked out for the occasion, the event was led by bride Georgia Blood and bridegroom Oscar Hall.

“It was a lovely occasion with the youngsters very excited about staging their own mini wedding,” said Grange Primary teacher Claire Kinna who is Rev Kinna’s daughter-in-law.

“The wedding was part of our celebrations week which looked at a different range of events which we celebrate with our families.

“We also introduced celebrations from around the world including Chinese New Year so that the children could get a taste of the different cultures.

“Our wedding ceremony was an exciting way of teaching the pupils about the traditions involved in a wedding and also got them thinking about why people get married.”

Bride and groom Georgia and Oscar were joined at the altar by father of the bride Jayden Harris, best man Shane Clover and bridesmaids Lily Howes and Lily Cox.

During the event, Rev Kinna went through the ceremony with the youngsters and the wedding guests, including the tradition of exchanging rings and the throwing of confetti.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and it was a wonderful way of teaching them about family celebrations by bringing the whole process of a marriage ceremony to life,” added Mrs Kinna.


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