Shrewsbury BID unveils new town map

Shrewsbury BID has created a new-look street map which is being launched this week by Shrewsbury Tourism Association, in its 2016 town map and visitor guide.

The detailed street map was commissioned by Shrewsbury BID to help visitors explore the town centre and its varied attractions and areas of interest. 100,000 copies have been published and will be available from shops, restaurants, accommodation providers, attractions and VIC’s throughout Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

The map was designed as part of a wider wayfinding project being led by Shrewsbury BID, in partnership Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council, which will provide a new and comprehensive visitor and wayfinding information system for the town centre, with new on street signage and mapping products.

Businesses and local organisations attended a workshop in November which focussed on the identity and design for the map and a new system which the project team plan to unveil later this year.

Consultants City-ID have designed a clear, easy to follow map of the area in and around the River Severn loop. It features architectural style drawings of key buildings and references to shopping, hospitality, leisure, coach drop off points, amenities and other information to help visitors explore Shrewsbury’s historic streets. Shrewsbury Tourism Association were given first use of the map as part of the introduction on new street products later in the year.

Kirsten Henly, Shrewsbury BID Executive Director, said: “We’re proud of Shrewsbury’s distinctive character which sets it apart as a special destination. We are keen to help visitors navigate the town centre and discover how much it has to offer, whether their interests are leisure and culture, food and drink or retail therapy.”

Dilwyn Jones, Sabrina Boat and STA Director, added “The Shrewsbury Tourism Association (STA) have been producing the town map and visitor brochure for a number of years and it has been fantastic to upgrade the existing map this year as part of the wider project for the town. We’re delighted that the STA and Shrewsbury BID have been working together to help visitors get the most out of their visit to Shrewsbury.”


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