Renewal Ballet Gives Shrewsbury Businesses a Chance to Shape the Future

The Shrewsbury Business Improvement District (BID), is giving local businesses the chance to shape the future, starting with a renewal ballot.

The BID works towards improving businesses within the town, helping Shrewsbury businesses to save money and address key issues affecting businesses today. It is currently coming to the end of a five-year term and is consulting with its members to develop a second-term plan.

Members asked to provide feedback ahead of ballot

Shrewsbury BID will be carrying out a renewal ballot in autumn 2018. However, before it does, it has asked its members for feedback on the performance of the BID so far.

Members had until the end of March to be involved in the Shrewsbury BID consultation. This allowed them to voice their opinions on what they think the BID did well, and what they felt could be improved upon in the next five years. They also asked members what initiatives they would like to see rolled out in the coming years.  

Small businesses welcomed the chance to be involved in the consultation. Business owner and BID levy payer, Louise Chadwick, has expressed her appreciation for being involved in the consultation process. She states:

“As a Shrewsbury business owner, I’m keen to ensure that our views are represented in future strategic development of the town. Recognition of the contribution independent shops make towards the local economy is vital in helping the town to grow and continue to attract visitors.”

Chadwick isn’t alone in this thinking. Other Shrewsbury businesses have been keen to add their input during the consultation period. Now, it’s up to Shrewsbury BID to put their views and ideas into a five-year plan.

Looking towards the next five years

Shrewsbury BID will now be implementing a new five-year plan to further help the town boost its business reputation. It has already seen major improvements over the previous five years, with Chairman of the Shrewsbury BID Board of Directors, Mike Matthews, highlighting the town’s popularity. Speaking of the consultation period, he stated:

“Shrewsbury is an increasingly popular destination to visit, work, live, study and invest in. However, we cannot rest on our laurels. Shrewsbury BID plays a vital role of drawing together and working with a diverse range of town centre businesses and partners to improve the trading and town centre environment”

Statistics show that the work carried out so far has helped to deliver over 198,000 visitors to the Shrewsbury website. The town has also received a purple flag award for the past 3 years in a row, highlighting the town’s vibrant and safe nightlife.

This new five-year strategy is likely to include ways to tackle current issues facing businesses within the town. From using delivery services to ensure customers are happy and costs are cut, to digital strategies to bring small businesses up to date with technological changes.

Now that the consultation period is over, Shrewsbury BID can now plan ahead to the renewal ballot later in the year.


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