Redecorating in Shrewsbury

If you're lucky enough to have just bought a new pad in Shrewsbury, then you might be thinking about doing some renovations and refurbishment to make your dream home just perfect. You're going to need the tools of the trade and so we've put together a list of local DIY and furnishing shops to help make your interior dreams come true. Brew up a cup of milky tea and grab a notepad while we walk you through this indispensable guide to shopping for home improvement wears in Shrewsbury.


This national chain is a category leader for a reason. Find everything you could want here, from complete furnishings and fittings for the whole home to uncut materials such as words and plastics that you can trim down at home to your needs and specifications. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and the store has a very easy to navigate layout even for the most DIY naive amongst us.

Abbey Hardware

If you'd rather support our independent retailers then Abbey Hardware is the perfect one-stop shop to restock your supplies after a hard day of fixing things up around the house. The owners are very knowledgeable and always happy to give advice on tricks of the trade. Independent retailers are one of the things that make Shrewsbury unique amongst British towns, so we give this neighborhood hardware hero our special seal of approval.

Wrought Iron

If you are looking for some metalwork then just stop by Wrought Iron to find everything you need to fix up your garden or other area in which you are thinking of adding new lampcommerce. This trading outpost is located on Gunnersbury Road.

Maplin Electronics

This quirky but dependable UK high street retailer has cornered the market in gadgetry that is too left field for mainstream retailers such as Currys PC World yet is easy enough for people to learn to customise their homes with the latest in security, music or other audiovisual technology. You could even program your LED lighting system Artemide yourself with a controller. It was also the 1st UK high street retailer to sell a 3-D printer–now how that's do it yourself.

Bromborough Paint

This independent paint and wallcovering specialist is a real treasure so head down there expecting to have a real treat in terms of the range and selection offered. Again, staff are very happy to help out with any problems you might have in choosing or questions you might have about application and treatment of your paint or wallpaper.

Are you feeling ready to get to work with the rollers and the screwdriver yet? Remember if you need to hire anything there is also a local branch of HSS, which lets you hire out power tools that you might not commonly own or just want to invest in for a one-time job. Good luck in sprucing up your home and we hope that it turns out exactly as you have planned in your dreams. 


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