Rainbow Riches: from FOBT to online Bingo

Old-school gamers will remember Rainbow Riches from their local pub. The Fixed Odds Betting Terminal (FOBT) was popular amongst punters and proved successful – to the extent it was then made available to play via touch screen terminals. It has since evolved further into numerous online Slots games and there’s even a Bingo game available here: https://bingo.paddypower.com/

It could just be the luck of the Irish, but the themed games are popular in online casinos – there are plenty of titles out there. There’s something alluring about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and fans of the original Rainbow Riches will no doubt remember the leprechaun character. The strangely lovable Lucky O’Leary remains a strong fixture in the Bingo game of the same title.


Before you start, you’ll need to buy your tickets and these start from as little as 5p. If players wish to take part in the Wishing Well side game, a strip of five tickets will need to be purchased. This variation is a 40-ball game and you only need four numbers to land a prize – although the main jackpot is won when you land all eight numbers on your card. 

Each ticket consists of two four-leaf clovers and each number is in a quadrant of the leaf – so four numbers per clover and eight number per ticket. When winning numbers have been called, the leaf of the clover turns from yellow/gold to green.


The Bingo game follows suit of the other games found in the Rainbow Riches franchise, in terms of its aesthetic. The wishing well can be found on the right-hand side of the screen. Of course, the rainbow is a large feature and runs across the bottom of the screen, from which the numbers 1-50 are listed in sequential order. These are important to the game, as it’s where the three progressive pots can be found and won. Lucky O’Leary is in the centre of the screen, keeping an eye on the three different pots: bronze, silver and gold. 


There are two main prizes to be won in the Rainbow Riches Bingo game: clover and house. The first prize is won by landing all four numbers on one clover, while the second, house, is won by completing a whole ticket (eight numbers on two clovers). It’s worth knowing that the same player is able to win both prizes. Alternatively, multiple players could win either prize if they are both awaiting the same ball. In this case, the prize would be split between all winners.

Rainbow Riches Jackpot feature

Keep an eye on the rainbow clovers during the game, as there’s two in-play and they are important for the fixed jackpot game. Lucky O’Leary can move up to two steps per game, starting from the number 1 and ending on 50 – once the leprechaun has landed on 50, he goes back to the beginning.

There are three pots of gold and prizes up for grabs and these are won by the leprechaun landing directly on the number (100% of the prize), or passing it (50% of the prize). The bronze pot is on step 10; the silver on 25; and the gold on 50. All players with a ticket will receive a share of the funds – with the prizes ranging from £25 to £300. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Wishing Well feature

If players are eligible for the wishing well feature, they can either choose or be automatically assigned a lucky number. If this number is called during the game, you receive a gold coin. Win 40 gold coins and win a £5 bonus prize. Your progress can be tracked at any time in the Bingo room and will carry over after any finished game.


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