Pupils are racing ahead

Two Shropshire pupils are racing ahead with a project they have completed in the summer term.
Chorley King and Noah Gornall, who are both aged 12 and attend Prestfelde School in Shrewsbury, have built their own ‘dream machine’.

“They have been working exceptionally hard to construct a go kart during our design and technology club during the past academic year and I am delighted to report that the vehicle was finished recently and that the boys have been charging around the school grounds on it,” said Vaughan Paterson, head of design and technology at Prestfelde, which is based in a 30 acre site in London Road.

“The boys have shown tenacity and perseverance in what was at times a laborious and frustrating task. Nevertheless, they have learned a great deal from the exercise, in particular how some things in life do take time and effort and that the road to success is not a short and easy one.

“They have also learned a great deal about nuts and bolts, wheels and bearings, screws, axles and springy metals but we are all proud of the character they showed in this project,” Mr Paterson added.

As a result of their efforts, the pupils, who both live in Shrewsbury, have been nominated for a headmaster’s award in September which will further recognise their hard work.


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