Portafina Unveils Health Findings About Millennials That Could be Useful to Entrepreneurs

People born in the late 1990s or early 2000s are often referred to as millennials. They are important to employers in this present era because they will be the ones to help build businesses and in some instances, create giant businesses of their own. Knowing as much about these generations as possible, especially when it comes to health can be useful to entrepreneurs. Portafina carried out a survey which brought forth interesting findings of the under 30s and over 50s generations.

Here is a summary of those findings below.

Employers in this day and age are looking for ways to improve the health and well-being of their employers. Doing so could result in them taking fewer days off as well as not having to call in sick due to bad health often. On those premises, it may interest employers to know that millennials are more likely to get gym memberships and work out after work hours than over 50s. Portafina’s data found that 32% of under 30s have a gym membership while just 10% of over 50s have one. Employers should, therefore, think about getting millennials discounted gym memberships at local gyms so that they can use it after working hours.

Additionally, millennials are more likely to use exercise as a means of relieving stress which means they’re aware of the need for coping mechanisms to help manage work-life stress and mental health. Aside from providing access to gyms, employers can also support employees to manage mental health at work by improving management. Addressing wellbeing at work could also improve productivity by 12%.

Although exercise as a way of relieving stress can be good, it may be a good idea to find ways to get them to make exercise a part of their daily routine. Findings show that 32% of over 50s exercise as a part of their daily routine, and not specifically to reduce stress.

Being active is something that’s being pushed on health agendas everywhere, so employers should encourage it as well. While 18% of over 50s were found to be active every day, only 7% of millennials could say the same. Employers could help improve this by encouraging physical activity in the workplace even if it’s taking regular breaks to stretch and walk.

When it comes to pensions, Generation Z expects pensions to be a standard part of their first job. This can be seen as positive as pensions are an important part of health and wellbeing in old age. It could be assumed that companies are going to have to start offering more impressive pension packages which give employees a sense of security when it comes to their future. By following Portafina on Facebook, you could learn a lot more about securing finances for the future.

The reality is that 17.5% of millennials tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle which doesn’t require much movement. This is probably a result of the technology and gadgets that make engaging in work and entertainment possible without people having to move around much. However, this could have negative health implications as the chances of being overweight, coronary heart disease, as well as stiff joints could increase.

If you have a number of millennials working with you, it may be a good idea to encourage movement during lunch and breaks. With health and wellbeing getting a lot more awareness, there isn’t a better time to encourage healthy living.

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