Pop Up Restaurant in the Shrewsbury Coffee House Review

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I spend far too much time in the Shrewsbury Coffee House, so when the opportunity to eat at a pop up restaurant came along I was straight there.

It was my first time at a pop up restaurant and I wasn't sure what to expect. On arrival we choose to sit on a long bench with the other diners, it's not often you sit with people you don't know in a restaurant however it all added to the experience of the evening. 

I opted for the matched drinks menu, a paired drink to enhance each course.

Our first course was shoux buns with manchego sauce and chorizo cream, the buns were light and fluffy and stuffed with the manchego sauce. 

They were served with a sweet chardonnay which complimented the manchego very well.

Our second course was octopus with pickled samphire, parsley sauce and red basil, served with a bottle of Salopian Kashmir.

The fruitiness of the Kashmir with the pickled flavour from the samphire mixed with the Octopus worked surprisingly well and was my favourite dish of the night.

The third course consisted of lobster panna cotta, lobster, prawns and sea weed mayo served with more white wine. The lobster and the prawns tasted great however I was left with a lot of the panna cotta after finishing the sea food. 

Our fourth course was a change from what had been looking like a seafood evening. It consisted of smoked pigeon, cauliflower purée, ice cream, butternut squash, sorrel and pangretta served with red wine. 

The saltiness of the pigeon worked very well with the sauces it was presented with and after the sea food of the previous two courses took the meal into a completely different direction.

The final course was rice pudding, kirsch and cherries (excuse my picture as I had already started eating). The rice pudding had a strong ginger taste and was presented with a coffee.

As a parting gift we were presented with packs of salt and pepper fudge. The pepper taste hits you straight away followed by the salt and finally the sweetness of the fudge.

Each course offered something unique and it was a mixture of dishes you wouldn't expect to find anywhere else in Shrewsbury. We all really enjoyed the evening and the excitement of not knowing what was coming next.

A big thank you to our chef James Sherwin for such a diverse and well thought out menu.

I look forward to the next pop up restaurant in town.

Full Menu

First course: Shoux buns with manchego sauce and chorizo cream
Second course: Octopus with pickled samphire, parsley sauce, red basil
Third course: Lobster panna cotta, lobster, prawns, sea weed mayo
Fourth course: Pigeon, cauliflower purée, ice cream, butternut squash, sorrel, pangretta
Fifth course: Rice pudding, kirsch, cherries


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