Planet doughnut lands in Shrewsbury

If you’re on a new year’s diet at the moment, then we can only apologise for what were about to talk about.  Because there’s a new Independent Doughnut company in Shrewsbury and everything we’ve seen on the social media looks calorific but amazing!

Planet Doughnut is a family run business which started off small but has quickly gathered a loyal following of doughnut lovers in Shropshire.  They are currently only online doing local deliveries and at selected local markets where their doughnuts sell out fast.

Speaking to owners Duncan & Sam McGregor they said there’s plans in the pipeline to offer delivery via the popular local food delivery app Zoom and there’s plans to open a shop in Shrewsbury town centre to allow people to pop in and buy doughnuts whenever they fancy.

On the menu at the moment there’s a range of classic doughnuts like Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Cherry Bakewell, Reeses Pieces, Toffee Crisp and other chocolate bar inspired creations. 

Sam told us that they don’t skimp on the fillings either and literally jam pack them full of flavour.  Sam mentioned that they will be a rotating range of seasonal flavours, as well as new classics popping up every month alongside a range of premium doughnuts that will be out of this world.

Once the planned store opens there’s plans afoot for doughnut decorating classes, as well as regular monthly evening taster sessions where you get to try out the latest doughnut creations give feedback or even suggest your own flavours, and who knows it might be on the menu later that month.

If you want to try the doughnuts that are causing such a stir then head over to the Planet Doughnut website to buy some for yourself, but be warned they sell out fast on the days they deliver.  If you just want to see what all the fuss is about then follow them on Instagram @planet_doughnut


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