Pickstock Foods Unveil Brand New, Contemporary Website – designed and built by The Web Orchard

Both companies working in collaboration and keeping business local

Pickstock Foods are a family run business with 30 years’ experience in processing quality British lamb and mutton in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Their 4 core values are reliability for customers, consistent quality products, prioritising animal welfare and minimising their environmental impact.

With a clear vision of what they wanted from a brand-new website and as a start-up business looking to make an impact, marketing manager Tamara Pickstock wanted an eye catching and fresh 2020 design with sharp images and clear, concise messaging.

“We opened in January 2020 and it was clear from the outset that if we wanted to expand our customer base, a brand new website was essential. As a family business, we love working with and supporting other local businesses. We searched for local, talented website designers in the Shropshire area and came across the Web Orchard.

The Web Orchard really stood out in the tendering process. Firstly, they were really likable people! That will always be important to us. They were very local and just the right size business to work with us, we were confident we would get the regular communication and rapport we were seeking in what would be an important and time-consuming three-month project. We loved their proposal – it was modern, clean and fully recognised our objectives. They had worked with other local agricultural companies so had a good understanding of our industry and what we wanted to portray to our customers.

Their pricing was fair – not the cheapest of the three, but not the most expensive. Whilst we had a budget in mind, we didn’t want to cut corners and compromise the quality, much like the actual products we supply.

Pickstock Foods and the Web Orchard agreed a 12-week timescale from kick off meeting to the website going live, it was important that this was achieved for the start-up business to promote the brand, as many web or IT projects can double or treble in length.

Tamara continues, “The website was ready after 11 weeks and I can’t stress enough just how approachable and helpful Pete and his team are at the Web Orchard. Whoever picked up the phone on the numerous calls knew exactly who I was and knew all about the project and who was working on what aspect. I’m really fussy but so pleased I kept it local and whilst they pretty much got everything right first time, nothing was too much trouble to amend.

I’m delighted and actually pretty proud with the end result. They provided some great training too, so I can post articles and update content.

We are still in close contact with the Web Orchard as we are using their SEO services – it is difficult to rank well organically, especially with a new website, but we are making steady progress with our chosen search terms.  A good business decision all round so far.”

Pete White, Director of the Web Orchard, adds “It was very apparent from the customer the importance of quality and sustainability within the business, we helped craft a modern looking WordPress website to accommodate this. We hugely enjoyed working with Pickstock Foods as their brief and vision was so clear, and we continue enjoy a close working relationship.”


Pete White Pete White

Love Shrewsbury editor and chief developer at The Web Orchard, find out more on petejwhite.com

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