Photographer sees images unveiled at Museum

A Shrewsbury photographer has seen his work to capture the bloody clashes between ancient Romans and Britons go on permanent exhibition at Shrewsbury’s new museum and art gallery.

Adrian Jones was commissioned by the museum to work with National Geographic TV and the Roman re-enactment group The Ermine Street Guard to shoot the dramatic images of weapon-wielding warriors.

Now his photographs, blown up to nearly 6ft tall, are on show for all visitors to view as part of the museum’s exhibition on the Roman occupation of Shropshire.

“Museum bosses put out a request to find a photographer four years ago, when they were planning exhibits for the new museum,” said Adrian who has previously shot still images for film and television.

“They couldn’t find any suitable images of Celts and Romans in battle, but National Geographic Television was shooting a programme on the Roman invasion of Britain and they arranged for a photographer to capture the battle scenes.

“I was chosen for the job and went off to a muddy field near Cirencester and spent the day on set photographing the action as the crew filmed. Even looking through the lens it was intimidating having warriors screaming and running towards me with spears and swords!”

“It was one of the many high points in my career. Now, nearly four years on, it’s great to see the finished blown-up exhibition photographs in the flesh in the museum. They’re the second largest graphics in the museum. I was very excited to see my name next to National Geographic Television and The Ermine Street Guard.” 

Museum Interpretation Officer Phil Scoggins said: “Adrian had the difficult task of grabbing images whenever, the opportunity arose during a documentary film shoot over which he had no control. It is testament to his skills that, despite this, he was able to capture the re-enacted battle sequences between the Ermine Street Guard and British warriors in a way that made them not only look realistic, but highly usable in a gallery space.”

Adrian, a former magazine and newpaper photographer who now runs his own freelance wedding and commercial photography business, has previously worked for television and film, photographing still shots for independent films in Canada and the British TV series Hollyoaks, Brookside and Grange Hill.


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