Original features: the benefits of maintaining your oak-framed garage

Timber is so often part of the parcel when it comes to owning period homes. Looking after a home that requires a bit of up-keep often means also maintaining the condition of the wood. Sometimes, wooden features can even benefit more modern houses. If you live in a rural community, a wooden garage can visually be in keeping with not only your house but the rest of the neighbourhood. So, if you have a house with a wooden garage that needs a bit of love, what are the benefits?

Maintaining important heritage

As previously mentioned, one of the main benefits of keeping or maintaining original features is that you keep hold of the building’s original heritage. While some features may not have stood the test of time when you replace them with an exact replica you are still paying tribute to the original creators of the building. Replacing original features with a modern, synthetic replacement can sometimes look visually jarring or out of character for the period building. When you do replace your garage, be sure to research oak-framed replacements that are sturdy, and match the building’s aesthetic. One of the most coveted features of period buildings is their sense of character and space. By opting for a traditional oak-framed garage, you would maintain both of these appealing features.

Wooden garages are still in demand

Similarly to owners of houses with sash windows, many people worry there aren’t the manufacturers to continue building their original features. However, this isn’t the case. If you think you’ll need to re-design your oak framed garage from scratch or have one purpose-built, there are still manufacturers who specialise in designing and creating them. Not only that, but oak is far more eco-friendly than other materials which are used for more modern builds.

Plenty of space

Not only do traditional oak-beam garages keep us in connection with our past, but they also allow for plenty of space. This is particularly useful if you intend to display or keep a classic car collection, own more than just a family car, or intend to use your garage space for other projects. If you want to avoid taking on numerous garage organising hacks or want to section off your garage for other uses such as an office, then you are likely to benefit from the extra space afforded to you. Oak is also better at insulating heat than other standard garage materials, so if you are intending to spend a lot of time in there, you are far more likely to enjoy your time spent inside during the colder months.

When it comes down to finding a garage that is in keeping with its neighbouring building’s original features and is aesthetically pleasing, an oak framed garage is your best bet. Not only will your carbon footprint be smaller, but you will also have plenty of space to utilise inside. Having a custom-build can help you maximise what you get out of it, whether it’s for your cars or for your personal space, too.


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