Official signing and launch of Severnside’s Learning Agreement

Severnside recently met with their three recognised trade unions, UNISON, Unite and UCATT for the official signing of Severnside’s Learning Agreement.

All three trade unions partner with Severnside to develop and deliver the learning agreement which aims to:-

  • Build a successful and effective learning and development partnership.
  • Make learning and development opportunities accessible and affordable to all Severnside employees.
  • Encourage Severnside employees to access learning and development and establish a learning culture within the workplace.
  • Maximise the use of current Government and Union learning initiatives.
  • Work with organisations such as Shrewsbury College and Sector Skills Councils to ensure that the learning partnership is a success.
  • Contribute to improving the performance of Severnside through the enhanced skills of its people.

The learning agreement states that all partners recognise the benefits of lifelong learning and development and that it is essential to the successful future of the organisation and individuals who work there.  All parties are committed to working in partnership to promote and support lifelong learning across Severnside and ensure equal access to learning opportunities for all employees.

In conjunction with the agreement, a Severnside Learning Committee has been established.  Its aim is to promote, initiate, support and monitor lifelong learning activities across the organisation.  The Committee will work to make learning opportunities as accessible and affordable as possible to all employees, enabling them to increase skills and maximise their potential.

Stuart Wheeler, Head of Human Resources and Communications at Severnside Housing commented, “Severnside is a learning organisation and we recognise that our continued success is dependent upon our people and those people need to be trained, educated and informed to deliver the very best service to our customers.”                                                    

Louise Foster, UNISON Regional Representative added 'It is great news that we've signed up to the new learning agreement with Severnside Housing, building on the good work that has already been taking place with staff development. UNISON is committed to working with employers to provide high quality learning for all staff and we look forward to putting the agreement into practice.”

Stuart Baker, UCATT Regional Representative commented “UCATT Midlands Region is proud to continue with our excellent partnership with Severnside Housing.  The signing of this latest Union learning agreement ensures that the right training and skills development is delivered to the right people in the future.  This agreement also sends out a clear message to employers, its employees and the local community of the value and role that modern trade unions can play in the current workplace.”

Mickey Tuff, Regional Officer of Unite the Union added “We are pleased to enter into a formal learning agreement with Severnside Housing of Shrewsbury which will benefit the entire workforce with their learning agendas by use of the excellent facilities that are available.”


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