Ocean Telecom Offers Free Superfast Broadband To Shropshire Businesses

Oswestry-based Ocean Telecom, a leading provider of mobile, fixed-line and cloud-based communications solutions, is offering a free new installation or upgrade to the latest superfast broadband network for business users in certain areas of Shropshire and Powys.  This offer provides big savings of up to £100.00 by eliminating the installation charges required by network providers.
According to Jeremy Rose, Managing Director of Ocean Telecom:  “Businesses which have previously been left out of the loop can now access superfast broadband enabling them to communicate more efficiently with customers and suppliers, increase productivity and compete on a level playing field with other firms across the UK.” 
The commercial roll-out of fibre broadband by the private sector has already made the high-speed technology available to more than 111,000 Shropshire premises.  It allows multiple bandwidth-hungry applications to be run simultaneously and large amounts of data can be sent and received faster and more efficiently.  It also enables computer processing and the storage and backup of files to become more sophisticated and secure using “cloud computing” technology, all of which helps to cut costs.
Superfast broadband also underpins the introduction of many new services and applications including the use of high quality video conferencing which will improve communications with customers and reduce business travel.  In addition, it allows businesses to install the latest internet telephony systems which deliver significant savings on call charges and an advanced range of features including call recording.
Ocean Telecom manages the whole upgrade process on behalf of business customers, eliminating the need for time consuming and frustrating calls to the network providers.  It also provides full technical support to ensure that the transition to fibre broadband runs smoothly.
Businesses can find out if fibre broadband is available in their areas by using a new and easy-to-use line checker.  It provides up-to-date information about whether or not fibre broadband is available and predicted speeds.


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