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Since releasing their debut EP in 2012, the band has performed at a number of gigs and festivals up and down the UK, including support slots for the likes of StringerBessant and Larkin Poe. After the success of ‘The Coffee Song’ – and it’s supporting video - which later went on to be BBC Radio Shropshire’s ‘Song of the Month’, the girls stepped back into the recording studio to work on their second EP.

‘Not Completely An Album’ is as tongue-in-cheek as their name: although the girls may still be teenagers, their musical maturity and diligence sets them apart (as well as being, quite literally, Not Completely Blonde). Whilst their first EP explored the different genres that influenced the band, ‘Not Completely An Album’ is a song-writing feat that looks at youth and all of its struggles.

Lead track ‘Playground’ is a light yet punchy pop song that defines that blurred line between childhood and adulthood, followed by ‘Plastic’ – a bittersweet social comment about the vulnerability of generation Z. The EP changes tone with ‘Give and Take’, a haunting and melodic track reminiscent of Daughter, before rounding off with the pastiche country and western ‘Anywhere But Home.’ Musically, the style is varied but the signature acoustic guitar and clear blend of beautiful vocals binds the songs together to create something unique to the three singer-songwriters.

In the few years they’ve been together, the band have begun to develop a style all their own, whilst at the same time realising that their growth as musicians and as people is far from finished. ‘Not Completely An Album’ embraces this self-awareness and begins the new and successful chapter in the band’s career.

Release date: March 23rd, 2014

Track listing:
1. Playground
2. Plastic
3. Give and Take
4. Anywhere But Home

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