Moving With a Young Family

Moving to a new place is difficult, especially if you have children. In a family, it’s not as easy as picking up and leaving from one place to another. There are many factors to consider when children are involved, and making decisions can be scary. Be sure that the new place you call home will benefit everyone and make the most sense for your family.

Look at the Community

If you’re considering a particular area, learn as much about it as you can. Look beyond the total population and the town’s history and dig deeper into other statistics. Performing an address search on neighborhoods you are considering can provide valuable information that makes your decision much easier. Among other things, address searches can give you:

  • Information about registered sex offenders living in the zip code.
  • Commute and travel data so that you know what to expect on your way to work.
  • Languages that are spoken in the area.

Schools and Education

If you have children, enrolling them in school is a priority when you move. But what kind of schools are available to them? Start researching public and private schools and test scores in the area you’re considering moving to. Ask yourself some questions as you look:

  • Does the area pride itself on education? How many elementary/middle/high schools are there? What about libraries?
  • What is the graduation rate of students in the district? The dropout rate? What are the resources for struggling students?
  • How many alumni go off to college or vocational schools?

Opportunities for Everyone

Knowing what you want or need in a new place is as important as anything else in deciding where you want to live. Look at your lifestyle and also at where you are considering moving. Do the two align? Think about what you are willing to sacrifice if they don’t.

  • If you live in the city, is it a deal-breaker to be out of walking distance to shops, restaurants and bars if you moved to the suburbs?
  • Are there amenities nearby that can be reached in a reasonable time in case of an emergency (hospitals, police stations, etc)?
  • What about activities for the kids? Is there enough nearby to keep them busy into their teenage years, or will they be bored?

It’s hard to imagine life in ten, even five years from now. Before moving to a new location, pick a place that will suit your family’s needs. Plan for long-term living as everyone grows up and gets older.


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