The Mother-in-Law cocktail causes a stir at Drapers Hall

Fans of a new book about how to handle your mother-in-law can now enjoy the mum-in-law inspired cocktail invented for the publication after customer requests prompted a Shrewsbury bar and restaurant to add it to its cocktail menu.

Drapers Hall was asked by Shrewsbury-based author Katy Rink to invent a definitive Mother-in-Law cocktail recipe to include in her book ‘Managing MIL: You and your Mother-in-Law – for better, or for worse?’.

It proved such a hit with guests at her recent book launch that proprietors Nigel and Sharon Huxley have made the pink, ladylike, sweet and sour drink available to all customers.

“We hope we’ve done all mothers-in-law proud. The cocktail has an unusual mix of flavours It’s elegant, a bit fruity and and certainly packs a punch!”said Mr Huxley.

“We were thrilled when Katy asked us to take on the challenge as well as host the launch of her book.”

Katy came up with the idea of inventing a new mother-in-law cocktail while meeting with daughter-in-law (DIL) groups and secret DIL clubs that she organised as part of her research for the book.

“Of course the first thing everyone thought of was bitters and sours. We also liked the idea of gin - mother’s ruin - and lots of crushing and stabbing with a muddler!” she said.

“Some DILs wanted a sweeter, fluffier cocktail as a nod towards gentler more supportive MILs. I asked Drapers Hall to help as I love its new cocktail bar and thought it would be up for the challenge.

“I didn’t even know if the cocktail would be possible, given the random list of funny ingredients I suggested, but Drapers absolutely nailed it. The drink is delicious and a great talking point.

“I love the idea of people coming into Drapers and having impromptu DIL clubs or MIL clubs at the bar, with cocktails in hand. It’s impossible to order without launching into a conversation about mothers-in-law.”

The MIL cocktail uses a combination of sweet and sour flavours including gin, cachaca sugarcane liquor, elderflower cordial, purple grape juice, fresh mint, lemon, cucumber and optional pink champagne. It comes topped with a delicate flower.

Depending on their relationship with their mother-in-law, drinkers can sip from a sour side of the glass, wiped with bitter lemon, or a sweet side dipped in pink popping candy that crackles in the mouth.

‘Managing MIL: You and your Mother-in-Law – for better, or for worse?’ is published by Peridot Press and is available from Amazon priced  at £6.99.


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