Metalwork Using Stamping And Forming

There is no such thing as a bad dream or idea if you are passionate about it, the will and determination can make anything possible if you believe in it enough. So, that scrapbook with your designs you have been thinking about (and rethinking about) whilst editing and making small tweaks as you envision it is a reality waiting to happen.

Sure, like with all new challenges and adventures it can be a little scary and daunting knowing where to look, how to begin, or to somehow weigh up all the possible obstacles you are likely to endure, but isn’t it just as thrilling and exciting?

You are about to embark on a journey that too many people avoid for fear of failure, fear of the unknown, but this only holds them back from what could be. The potential is endless and only limited by your thoughts, processes, and desires, if you want something bad enough you have to work for it, not wish for it (as my old man liked to quote whenever the opportunity presented itself).


A concept or design is great until it isn’t. If you are looking for a manufacturer to produce a prototype of the product you ideally want to be a huge success, then you need to do it right from the first step. You need to find a quality Metal Stamping and Forming Company to turn your dreams into a physical object, and to do this you need to do your research.

Looking into the handful of options of companies you have narrowed down as considerations and digging further into their work ethics and learning how they do business and with whom, you will soon see which firm is the right fit for you. One that not only suits your personality and values, but that shows the professionalism and customer care you are looking for in a business that you are potentially looking at building a relationship with.

As the client, you want to know that you are being heard, listened to and that the firm has your best interests in mind and will do its best to deliver the quality product you expect.


Sitting down with one of the three or four company options to show them your designs, get their professional advice and suggestions without feeling pressured to do what they say, is not only a good way to see things in a new light with a new perspective but to hear of any design flaws that could be a manufacturing issue.

A good company agent will give open suggestions with reasons for them, whilst working with you to explore alternative options if need be, building a business relationship starts long before any product making is underway. The foundation needs to be laid, the trust needs to be set and built on, and this way you will feel relaxed and comfortable knowing you are in safe and capable hands.

So what should you look for in a company you’re considering hiring, or better yet the employee representative who will oversee the project, let’s take a look at the top features big corporations consider essential.

  • Capabilities. Is the staff member well-versed in how the company works, can he handle projects varying in size as it may be small now but when business and sales take off the supply and demand do too? Is he the right man for the job, has he been with the firm for a long time?

The last thing you want to do is to give your new project to a fresh out of university graduate who is taking your future success into their own hands, no thank you. While we are all about helping the younger generation be the up and coming future (read an interesting article on it here, perhaps not this time.

  • Experience. You want someone who has been in the industry for years who knows what will and won’t work when it comes to stamping and forming metal and based on your design can tell you what will make it better and which elements could be its possible downfall.
  • Materials. Do they offer varying materials if what you are looking for design-wise would be better suited to a different composite, does this tie in with the services they offer from prototyping to re-evaluating, and then full steam ahead with production? These are valid questions you should ask and they ideally should have no issues answering them.
  • Price. The dreaded word nobody likes to mention but needs to be discussed nevertheless. Is this employee preaching what he has been told and cannot facilitate on cost or are they flexible to come to a mutual agreement? Does making more bring down the overall production costs? Is there leeway in terms of payments and installments?

The handshake.

To conclude, it is safe to say that no one can tell you what to do, how to do it, or even not to do it if you don’t let them, it is your product and you have the final say. The right firm for the job will be more than happy to meet you halfway, and if they have been in business for a substantial number of years as all the best companies usually are, then they will understand the importance of client service and customer care.

Metal forming and shaping is an old age tradition and skill dating back to the first evidence of coins being hammered by hand, it may have evolved and become more efficient as times have changed, but the precision and attention to detail to the finishing touches is one element that will never cease to be improved on.

There seems to always be something to make better, an imperfection unbeknown to the everyday Joe, but to Bill who has been around metal since he was running around the workshop with his dad, that flaw will be his thorn in the foot. And of he is like any skilled professional who is only happy when the product is perfect, he won’t stop until it is just that.


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