On Meeting the Global Need for Public Health Professionals

No matter where you live or what socio-economic class you represent, public health professionals play a huge role in helping you and your family stay healthy. You may not ever need to set foot inside a public health clinic but what public health professionals do on a global level to promote an awareness of better health and to bring news of epidemics and potential pandemics to the spotlight are enormous efforts that keep everyone safer in the process.

There is a global need for public health professionals in various segments of that industry and so if you are considering joining their efforts, you just might want to consider seeking a master in public health from prestigious United States colleges such as the University of Southern California. Jobs are always available in all levels of the industry, from entry level office support staff to senior staffers and upper administrators which provides job security and always a chance of advancement from within.

What Public Health Professionals Do

Actually, the public health sector is far reaching. There are numerous jobs in this field which always include the need for doctors and nurses along with laboratory technicians and countless other positions within the health sector. But if you were to get an MPH degree online, for example, you’d probably be applying for a job in administration in which you might:

  • Serve as an expert consultant as public health issues arise.
  • Implement various programs that promote health and combat contagious diseases.
  • Respond to questions from the general public that may be at the point of panic at times.
  • Be a spokesperson for agencies such as the CDC when the public needs information.
  • Be the conveyor of information, either verbally or in writing, when reports need to be submitted.
  • Administrate public health facilities on a local, regional, national or international level.
  • Organize efforts to collect feedback from the public and medical professionals.

And the list of duties goes on and on. Needless to say, as the holder of a masters in public health online degree, you would be awarded the very same credentials as those who studied on campus and would qualify for the same jobs.

The Demand for Specific Jobs within the Sector

Going forward into the next decade, public health administrators are going to be in huge demand. Job prospects for those who hold a masters in public health are above average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, epidemiologists for example, will not be in as great of demand as administrators who can organize and operate public health facilities around the globe.

From promoting an awareness of the need for sanitary living conditions to informing the public of major changes in vaccines and vaccination procedures, public health professionals play a huge role in keeping the general public safe from diseases acute and systemic. It is a career with major growth potential because there is a severe shortage of qualified professionals around the world. If you are interested in a career that has meaning and lots of potential, public health is one you should consider.


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