Low-Key Workouts Anyone Can Do

The summer is an energetic time of year with people out riding men's bike or womens hybrid bikes and playing around on beaches. The increase in activity often gets people thinking about healthy living and positive lifestyle changes. One of the healthiest decisions someone can make is including exercise in their daily routine. Unfortunately, not everyone can hulk it out in a gym or run marathons, so what can you do? The answer is to implement low-key exercises to help motivate you. There are at least seven exercises and workouts you can do that are fun, relaxing and easy to implement.

1. Cycling

Biking is one of the best exercises for the spring, summer and fall. Not only is cycling a low impact exercise, but it also gets you out in the world, enjoying the fresh air and possibly socializing. There are several options in bikes for women and men that can benefit any rider. Seniors may do well with trikes or recumbent bikes, while younger, more adventurous people may want to explore trails on a mountain bike.

2. Walking

Walking is likely the most underrated activity. Not only is walking more comfortable than running, but it also is lower impact, meaning reduced risks of joint or knee injuries. While running burns twice as many calories in the same timeframe, people can walk longer and farther because they are less winded.

3. Skating

While ice skating is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, that is not the type of skating referenced here. It's time to get back to your roller rink days. Lace up your favorite roller skates or blades and go out on your favorite paved trail. Skating uses a lot of the same muscles as running, but the impact against the pavement is not as strong, making it the perfect low-key workout for summer exploring.

4. Swimming

People with arthritis, joint pain or other injuries that prevent them from regular workouts can benefit from a little extra pool time. Swimming is an excellent full-body workout, requiring focus, breath control and form. Thankfully, almost anyone can learn to swim and enjoy this summertime essential.

5. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese tradition and is based on breath control and slow movements. Participants in this exercise describe reduced anxiety and cognitive benefits beyond physical gains. However, the martial art is fantastic for people who struggle with balance and flexibility.

6. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that has gained popularity and notoriety of the last several decades. This low-key workout is focused on the mind, body and soul, with many exercises bordering on meditation. Like Tai Chi, it is useful in establishing greater balance and flexibility.

7. Water Aerobics

Like swimming, water aerobics is a pool exercise regimen. However, instead of focusing on swimming, participants use weights and body movements to improve tonality and balance. The water exercises also allow for minimal joint pain.

Starting an exercise routine this summer does not have to be challenging. If you want to get healthier, choose one of the low-key workouts above. However, if you also want to enjoy the sun and fresh air, choose cycling. Head over to a local bike shop and take a bicycle for a test ride.


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