Love Shrewsbury? Then you’ll love this… The Shrewsbury Calendar returns!

It’s proven so successful over the last two years and it is back again, with another stunning array of beautiful Shrewsbury images that encourage everyone to discover the town’s hidden gems. The opportunity to purchase your Shrewsbury Calendar is right now - with a limited edition run of just 350 copies!

From creativity and culture, to heritage and history, with rolling hills and picturesque countryside thrown in too - Shrewsbury has more going for it now than ever before; and this is exactly what local photographer Adam Telford, of APT Photography, has decided to share once again.

Turning the pages of the Shrewsbury Calendar takes the viewer on a personal tour of the county town’s best features - and that doesn’t mean you see the well known sights that you might think! Whilst there are wonderful shots of locally loved attractions including Attingham Park, what Adam delights in, is providing glimpses of the lesser known locations and wonders of the town.

Month after month, the Shrewsbury calendar provides views of the ancient town that you won’t have noticed; see if you can identify the vibrant shots of hidden passageways, cobbled streets and flowing rivers. The Shrewsbury Calendar truly reflects the diversity of the town - with Adam’s work and talents, allowing you to appreciate all of Shrewsbury’s merits.

The Shrewsbury Calendar makes a unique present for those already getting organised for Christmas - but it is just as beautiful to behold, for those that haven’t yet purchased their calendar for 2017.

Speaking of the 2017 Shrewsbury Calendar, Adam Telford says “I have been really overwhelmed with the local admiration of the Shrewsbury Calendar, since we launched the first one in 2015. I love being able to share my passion for Shrewsbury with other people - and it’s amazing to see calendars being purchased across the globe, demonstrating the love for Shrewsbury that other people also have, not just in the UK.“

Adam’s wife, Amy Telford added “My favourite images this year are the ones of Grope Lane and the Square . Calendars are already being snapped up this week; so I encourage people to get in touch ASAP to purchase their copies!“

The Shrewsbury Calendar can be purchased for just £10, with the option to collect or have it delivered to SY1, SY2 and SY3. There is also the opportunity to have it posted to mainland UK, for £12.

To purchase a copy or find out more, search ‘Shrewsbury Gifts and Calendars’ on Facebook, call 07557 279395 or email [email protected] 


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