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Visiting another country can be an adventure of a lifetime, we often don’t realize the luxury and opportunity of doing so and forget to enjoy the little things that bring it all together. While we may appreciate the room service or added amenities that come with the hotel room, how we got there, the planning that is involved that makes it seem so effortless tends to be forgotten about.

Countries abroad each bring a unique culture that adds value and interest to our lives in some way or the other, it may be through the traditional foods that we enjoy sampling at markets and in restaurants, or souvenirs that we purchase along the way.

For some tourists and veteran travelers who have been to more countries than most have dreamed of, they begin to prioritize other luxuries such as trying out the new sports car as a rental or that oversized monster truck that we see in the movies speeding down a dusty desert road. Either way, the main objective is to get a vehicle that suits your needs.

Finding a rental abroad. 

Having been to Portugal and driven in a rental vehicle that we picked up on arrival I can confidently say that with careful and organized planning it was the least stressful element of the trip and you can have the same experience.

People think that there is more to it than simply being prepared but honestly, there isn’t, you do your homework, weigh up the pros and cons of each option and make a calculated decision based on your budget. Simple.

The daunting part for those who are new to traveling and wanting to book a hire car before arriving the main objective is to ensure that the company is a reliable and reputable one. Ideally, picking up a car at the airport as you exit the arrivals terminal is convenient and there is no hassle trying to locate the local taxi service and being charged a fortune just to get to your hotel.

Companies such as those at Faro airport understand the need for quick service and the convenience of having a vehicle ready as you arrive, this way it saves you not only time but the headache of possibly needing to have a credit card to hand or even exchange currency which comes with its own extortionate fees.  

If you pre-book (and in most cases would have had to put a deposit down) then all you need to do is find the rental company desk and sign the paperwork after being shown the car and checking it front to back and inside out.

There are things to look for and to consider before driving off so do your research and be sure to tick off the necessary boxes. If there are any concerns or queries you can and should raise them whilst still in the car lot of the agency and most importantly before you have signed any paperwork.

There are more cases than we would like to know about where rental agents have rushed the paperwork and check process, the tourist has been pressured to sign and been given the keys, only to find a bump or scratch later on while on holiday but that hasn’t been noticed and noted on the paperwork which then leads to a questionable charge to your card on return of the vehicle.

Always take your time and be sure that the state of the vehicle has been correctly and accurately written down.

Airport convenience.

Have you ever asked yourself how it came about that rental car companies found their way to the airport, or was it always just a hand-in-hand arrangement within the transport industry?

The practice of having cars for rent dates back to as early as 1946 with a brand offering a mere 3 vehicles for rent, at the time this was monumental and since then has grown into the car rental empire we know today.

It makes sense for the most part why we would need this service when traveling and discovering countries around the world, let’s look at the top criteria tourists have mentioned whilst adventuring in other countries and using a hire car.

  • Time. You may be a businessman or woman needing to get to a meeting you have just flown in for and there is no time to think about how to get there. Heading straight to the rental desks which are well placed and advertised makes the transition from the terminal to the board room quick and efficient.
  • Cost. Some believe that airport costs are over-priced and in a sense, they are higher than usual and what you would find when out in the city or countryside, but what we don’t take into consideration or realize is that taking a public or local transport service to get to the car rental company outside of the airport if not further adds to the traveling expenses just as much as if you had to pick the car up at the airport.

The list of positives increases daily, see some of them here https://www.trioangle.com/blog/benefits-of-car-rental-at-airport/ and discover for yourself the plus side of an airport rented vehicle. Life is too short to be running around looking for a way to get from A to B, simply collect your keys, and enjoy the holiday you have been planning and waiting for.

  • Choice. This was not a point I had thought about till I had experienced it for myself, arriving to pick up a rental car, a customer had just brought back a car that was only ever a dream possibility of driving for my hubby, so seeing it available was a great win. I arranged to have the vehicle ready for us when he was back from souvenir shopping and it made the trip that much more enjoyable.

Seeing the cars available in the lot is like shopping at the grocery store, quick, convenient and what you see is what you get. This makes choosing a rented car more fun, and if children are traveling with them they can have their say too.

Why rent.

If you and hubby have managed to drop the kids off at the grandparents for the long weekend and booked a quick vacation away to relax and unwind then you need to get the holiday started as soon as possible. You want to pick up your rental car, get to the beach apartment and enjoy the sun, this is not as quick and efficient if you still need to phone for a taxi and wait for them to arrive.

Hiring a car for the weekend is especially great when it is a short trip. You could be closing a business deal and arriving at the client’s meeting with a particularly smart pair of wheels also sends the right impression but without the hefty price tag of owning it.

Take a moment to see this link where others who have rented a car for a short and some longer trip and how they found the experience, it is always good to hear what others have to say, to learn from their mistakes, and to take their tips and advice on board to make your journey more comfortable.

Another reason that came up frequently in conversation was the fact that instead of driving to the destination which is easy to do these days, people would catch a cheap flight to a small airport and rent a car from there. This way they save the wear and tear on their personal vehicle back home, or if it is a newer car to stop the mileage and kilometers adding up quicker than they need to.


When the time comes to pick a holiday destination, if you haven’t been thinking about it for a while we tend to go where the masses go or have been and this is not always ideal. Sure you get to be among large crowds where the atmosphere tends to be livelier, but if the hustle and bustle of the nightlife are not for you then a more tranquil village would be better suited.

Portugal has some wonderful architecture and rich history and visiting the old towns and seeing the heritage sites is a great way to take a stroll, learning and embracing the cultures and traditions and giving your trip so much meaning.

We enjoyed the nightlife on a few occasions with live music while having dinner and the Easter traditions of walking through the streets with the parade and blessing the children with palm leaves which are strewn along the road as you walk to the top of the hill. These moments are treasured and will be remembered forever and isn’t that what life is all about?

Memories are created by being immersed in the country and it is the way of life, but we would not have reached our destination had it not been for our rented car. It saved us financially and those savings went on to buy trinkets now proudly displayed in our home, win-win.


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