Local Renewable Energy Company Sponsor Charity Tractor Drive

ESP Energy, based in Stapleton near Shrewsbury, have donated £500 to the charity Forage Aid, aimed at helping farmers in crisis.

Founded by Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward, Forage Aid is an emergency response initiative which works to deliver animal feed to livestock producers in times of need.

A three day tractor drive took place which hoped to smash the £10,000 target set for the fundraising.  The tractor set off on Sunday morning from Sedgemoor Livestock Market in Somerset, travelling 190 miles up the country before reaching Shropshire where it arrived on Wednesday for the start of the Energy Now Expo at the Telford International Centre.

Andrew said that the charity is not just about providing feed for livestock. “We want to be ready to help in any emergency,” he said.  “The pledged donations that we have picked up on the run will enable us to have funds that we can use to step in quickly and help farmers in need when necessary.”

Mike Collison, Director of ESP Energy, welcomed Andrew and Forage Aid co-founder Ed Ford, to his office in Stapleton to present the donation and offer refreshments.  He was keen to support the cause: “Living in a rural area and working with a large number of customers within the agricultural and farming industry, it is an issue that needs supporting and I am pleased to be a part of it.”

To find more about Forage Aid and how to make a donation then follow them on Twitter @forageaid or Facebook /ForageAid.


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