Leading Economist Comes to Shrewsbury

It’s interesting economic times. Exchange rates are volatile, interest rates are at historic lows and may even go lower, there are major elections coming up in the USA, France and Germany and of course Brexit. Who better to make sense of it all than a world leading economist.

Roger Martin-Fagg has been commenting on the global economy for 45 years, and is a regular on the professional speaker circuit at executive meet-up events all over the country. A local consulting firm has invited him to come to Shrewsbury to speak at a group they have created called ‘Vantage’, which they sponsor.

The event, which will be held in the University Centre Shrewsbury on 24 November, is open to all. The Vantage group is intended for anyone interested in professional development in business. The group charges an annual fee but it is heavily subsidised by Wellmeadow Consulting.

If you are interested in finding out more, or of registering to attend then visit www.meetup.com/Vantage-Professional-Speaker-Events-Shrewsbury/


Pete White Pete White

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