Information Solutions & The Web Orchard on the Covid-19 Crisis

It’s now been a month with many of us working remotely or from home and Information Solutions & The Web Orchard have been key to helping their clients keep business as usual. Both sides of the business play key roles in the local economy, supporting the care industry and critical businesses during the current lock down. We’ve been busy helping clients to setup remote working, whether that’s through remote access software or via making better use of existing services and infrastructure.

“It was crazy during the first fortnight” said Nathan Bensley-Edwards (Managing Director) “But it’s a challenge we were well suited for. We have a fantastic team and we’re no stranger to remote working thanks to recent floods. What we have learnt over the years placed us ahead of the curve and able to quickly transition our clients to remote working in a myriad different environments. After this success I suspect we may see more companies adopting  more remote working in the future”

Nathan continued “We’ve helped a number of customers with Office 365 to make the most of the included collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams has been a real life saver in helping companies communicate remotely with their staff, customers and suppliers.”

It's business as usual for the group with no staff being furloughed, Pete White (Director) commented “We’re getting many new and return customers coming to us taking advantage of the slow down to rethink their online strategies and marketing for when things return to normal” When asked about how he sees things moving forward he replied “I think things look very positive, companies aren’t giving up and are working with us to hit the ground running once the lock down ends. We’ve seen a big push in digital strategy and in areas such as e-commerce. I think it’s given a lot of our clients time and space to think about their business and the team and I are happy to get involved.


Pete White Pete White

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