The Importance of Social Workers in our Community

Social workers play an integral role in society and in communities large and small. This is why the field is always growing and why there are so many job opportunities available for those who have become qualified by getting their masters in social work from schools like Rutgers University, along with the appropriate state licensure. To learn more about the importance of social workers in our community, continue reading.

Social Workers Participate in Community Organization

One of the many forms of social work is community organization. A social worker may work as a community builder or as a community organizer, and that individual could be employed by a host of grassroots groups and non-profit organizations. As a community organizer, a social worker will also have a variety of skills for a wide range of tasks that include getting support, planning infrastructure, writing grants, raising funds, and more, all to help others. Community projects that are created and maintained to help individuals in need throughout a community are often led by talented social workers, so they play a very important role in this aspect of society.

Social Workers Help Those Who Live in Poverty

Almost 15% of people living in America are actually living below the country’s poverty line, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And the people who live in poverty are in need of social workers who can assist them with facing the challenges that come with unemployment, poor health, underemployment, and homelessness. Social workers will help these individuals directly, and they will also confront broader social justice issues, along with policy issues, that are making poverty more commonplace than it should be.

Social Workers Help Children

You do not need to be a social worker who is employed at a school in order to make a difference in the lives of children. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has reported that, as of 2010, child protection groups received almost 2 million reports involving child neglect or child abuse. Talented social workers throughout the country play a critical role in protecting these neglected and abused children, and they also assist families in coping with the various stressors of life that can make the problems worse.

Social Workers Help Those with Mental Illness

Many people suffer with mental illness, and social workers are there to provide critical services to those who struggle with everything from anxiety and psychoses, to mood disorders, substance abuse, and more.

Social Workers Help Those in Prison

Social workers are also busy working hard every day in correctional institutions. They provide important counseling and social services to the inmates who face personal struggles that have caused them to get into trouble with the law.

Once you start to look at the many roles that social workers fill throughout our society, it becomes abundantly clear that these individuals are absolutely necessary. They selflessly help others every day in a variety of settings, and they are doing their part to make the world a better and safer place for everyone.


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