The importance of reinvention in business

Celebrities do it all the time. Stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga are the ultimate queens of reinvention. They know that reinvention is the key to staying current – and remaining in the public eye. They are all too aware that public opinion can be fickle – and they readily utilise an ever-changing public image to project the ideals that they want to be associated with – and in fairness, it works. So why is it equally as important for business owners and other people in the public eye to reinvent themselves? Why should they make a continuous effort to do that? The answer is simple. Success within the public remit is built upon current public opinion and opinions are based upon good experiences. It seems so clear, yet so many business owners and entrepreneurs forget how vital it is to maintain a fresh image, to learn new skills and to continuously improve upon their existing business model and services offered. 

The tortoise and the hare

It’s a bit clichéd but the old fable still rings true today –perseverance is one of the key ingredients to both success and successful reinvention. Perseverance and resilience are essential when considering a new image or a change of direction because life is, sadly, full of setbacks. Taking the slow road to success is challenging but invariably rewarding as long as you don’t quit at the first hurdle. Sometimes, a setback can serve as a signal or warning that something needs to change. The key is to analyse the situation and assess the reasons why you were, for example, passed over for a promotion (perhaps you need to further your education?) or why your profits didn’t exceed a set amount (maybe time to look at a fresh image). Whatever the reason, use setbacks as an opportunity to build resilience and to persevere with a more fruitful course of action.   

Seek inspiration

Don’t be afraid to look to role models for inspiration (although not necessarily Lady Gaga or Madonna!). There are countless tales of public figures in business or the creative industries who have, at some point, recovered from set-backs to become successful. Something that all of their success stories have in common is adaptability and perseverance.

Francesco Corallo, for example, news worthy businessman, has also overcome adversity in order to achieve success, reinventing himself along with various aspects of his company in order to help clients and project the right image. Similarly, world-renowned author Stephen King was an unknown for years and his first novel Carrie was rejected by various publishers 30 times. King threw the manuscript in the trash before his wife retrieved it and forced him to persevere. The rest, as they say, is history.

The point is that reinvention is vital for success, be it in the form of education, work-based skills or simply persevering with the right course of action. Don’t be afraid of change or improvement – negativity is part of life and we can all overcome it if we try.


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