How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Technology has changed the face of many industries in recent years. The real estate industry is no exception. It’s an older type of industry that has been completely transformed in recent years due to the rapid changes in the technologies available. Forward-thinking real estate companies have realized how powerful these new technologies are. They are using them to work more efficiently and provide better customer service to their clients. These are some of the most important changes which have led to this transformation of the real estate industry.

Real Estate Websites

Almost every successful real estate business like SPIN Brokerage has some kind of website. Some are basic brochure type websites that simply provide their contact details. However, many real estate companies also add their property listings onto their websites. Some have hundreds of properties to choose from and include search facilities to make it easier for customers to find properties in a particular price range or location. This is an extremely powerful way to reach a huge number of potential buyers, sellers and people who want to rent a property.

Huge online real estate market places take this a step further. Websites dedicated to listing properties from a wide range of real estate companies open up even more markets for real estate businesses. At the same time, the general public can view thousands of real estate listing all in one place from the comfort of their home. This saves a lot of time making appointments to view multiple properties and is an effective way to research the property market in a certain area.

Video and Imaging Technology

It’s difficult to describe a property without actually seeing it. For decades, if you wanted to view a property, you had to visit it in person, walk around it and decide whether or not you liked it. Many people view a house to see its layout, what condition it’s in and what the neighborhood is like. The latest video and imaging technologies let you do this remotely.

Most of today’s real estate companies provide photo and video tours of each of the properties on their books. Some tech savvy real estate companies are even using live streaming through mobile apps and other systems. This gives potential buyers a live, remote viewing of a property which is extremely useful if you live a long distance from the property or want to view multiple properties but don’t have the time to visit each one individually. It’s difficult to beat viewing a property in real life but this is an effective way to get a feel for a property and what it has to offer.

Marketing to Customers

The latest technologies have changed the way real estate businesses attract potential customers and interact with existing customers. Social media, email, video sharing websites, search engines and mobile apps are all perfect platforms to advertise real estate on because of its visual nature. People want to see pictures and videos of properties they’re interested in. These platforms make this possible.

The real estate industry is one of the best examples of an industry that has embraced many of the latest technologies. They realize how power the internet is and all the technologies that have emerged around it. The real estate industry will continue to come up with more ingenious ways to sell, rent and market properties in the future.


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