How to Stage Your Shrewsbury Home for a Quick Sale

Property prices in Shropshire are lower than the national average, so recent turmoil caused by Brexit is unlikely to improve matters. Like most parts of the UK, attractive properties in good areas command the best prices, but whereas in many other towns and cities first time buyer homes usually sell faster, in Shropshire detached properties are the most popular.

Thanks to Brexit, property sales have stalled, so if you need to sell your home in the next few months, it is a good idea to make it as attractive as possible. One way to do this is to stage it. Simple things like dressing bedrooms with fresh new bed linen from the Threel web site can make a real difference. You might not achieve a higher selling price, but more buyers will be interested and therefore you should sell it faster.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging comes from the US. Over there, home ‘open days’ are common and owners like to present their home in its best possible light. Essentially, home staging is all about boosting curb appeal, so the moment a potential buyer walks up to the front door they are picturing themselves living in the property. Done well, it is an effective way to sell a home fast.

Spring Cleaning

No buyer wants to walk into a dirty home. Being greeted with the scent of eau de dog or feline urine is unpleasant and likely to discourage all but the most desperate buyers. If your carpets are smelly and stained, invest in new ones or hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Clean every room within an inch of its life and wipe down every surface to remove dust and dirt. Try to keep on top of the housework while you are looking for a buyer, so if a prospective buyer requests a last-minute viewing, you are ready to go.

De-Clutter Rooms

Clutter is the enemy. The more cluttered a room is, the smaller it will appear. Before you put your home on the market, go through every room and pack way all of your ornaments and general clutter, leaving only a few select pieces that show off your good taste.

Add Personality to Your Home

Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your home, but avoid going too far overboard, as it could put potential buyers off. A few carefully chosen ornaments and photographs to highlight your life will help to persuade buyers to invest in your home.

Neutralise Décor

Whilst a bit of personality is a good thing, it is not advisable to showcase a home with brightly coloured walls and ultra-modern décor. Most prospective buyers have fairly conservative tastes and the prospect of completely redecorating a large property is likely to put them off.

Create Space

Remove extra items of furniture to make rooms feel spacious. Put these items into storage or sell them to raise cash for the move.

With the right staging, it should be possible to sell your home within a few weeks.


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