How to Pack for a Weekend UK Break

As we head into the spring, the idea of getting away to somewhere different for the weekend becomes even more appealing – especially with a few bank holiday weekends coming up. Whether it's a romantic break, a fun shopping weekend, or a visit to friends who live in a different part of the UK, getting away can be a lot of fun, but you don't want to be caught without the right gear for the things you'll want to do! Here are some tips for packing so you can be prepared for anything on your UK weekend break:

Take A Bigger Case Than You Need

Unless space and weight are really at a premium, for instance if you are flying, it usually pays to leave plenty of empty space in your case. This is because wherever you are visiting is going to have different shops, and different food, and chances are you are going to want to bring home some stuff! If you are going by car this isn't as much of an issue, because you will always have room for your purchases and souvenirs inside your vehicle, but if you are going by train then fitting the things you buy into the same case on the way home will be far less hassle than trying to carry additional bags.

Use Well Designed Luggage

Wherever you are going, you'll probably want to take some or all of your tech devices with you – even if just to upload photos you've taken of your trip! A case designed with spaces that protect your laptop, tablet, camera and other important stuff is therefore a really good idea, though using a higher end case is recommended for any trip as it will be lighter, sturdier and more secure. Check out brands like Briggs & Riley luggage for stylish yet practical cases.

Have Clothing Options

Unless you have a very clear itinerary, make sure you have some clothes suitable for a night out. You may see a great restaurant or bar on your travels and want to go, even if you hadn't planned for a fancy evening. Day to night clothing options can be a great idea, for instance a dress that is fine for shopping or sightseeing during the day, but can be dressed up if you do end up going somewhere upscale. Also make sure you have some trainers or other comfortable shoes as an option, even if you aren't planning on walking a lot. You may find out about somewhere interesting to go when you arrive and be glad you brought them.

Consider The Weather

Lastly, remember that the weather is never predictable in the UK, so even though we're in the warmer season, always have a light jacket or sweater packed, though also pack for sunshine – sunglasses and sunscreen are a must.

By choosing the right luggage and packing thoughtfully, you won't have to miss out on any opportunities to pick up great new things or go to fantastic new places while you are on your weekend break!


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