How Much Does Online Games Development Cost?

Do you have an idea of how much it costs to develop a single Canadian online game? Many only estimate the cost of developing but forget other associated costs. The truth is that game developers make good money from the game development projects they undertake.

There is also a growing demand for online casino games making the casino site owners and game developers get back to the drawing board. Every game comes at a cost, whether it's a small game or a multiplatform game.

How much does it cost to make a game? Developing online games can be expensive. The more features a game has, the more it becomes costly to develop. But, how expensive? Our expert in game development, Daniel Bennet (link up with him here), will help us understand the game development cost. Read on to understand.

Factors that determine the cost

Are all the games you find in a Spin casino Canada built the same? Do they have the same price tag? The budget for developing online games isn't standard. It varies from time to time, depending on various factors. Some of the key aspects that influence the cost include the size of the game, the scope, and the game type. Below are some of them:

Working space for the developers

Like workers in organizations, the game developers also need a workstation. The team leaders may also want where they supervise the progress of the project. In that scenario, hiring space is one of the options.

However, where the budget is small, working offsite is the best option. It saves on many costs, including logistics. However, when the project requires the developers' presence, some funds must go to hiring office space.

Companies that deal in other aspects of technology are forced to establish a permanent place that is central for the workers for meetings and work, considering their projects' diverse nature.

Game development software 

What makes a game? Only a few people have an idea. A bigger percentage could be game developers. Some of these games are created from scratch while others have some basic code. Games are a collection of software. Without them, they can't operate. That's why software development has to take place before anything else does.

Essential things required during the process include Integrated Development Environment (IDE), graphics editors, middleware, third party engine, modelling, and animation software. 

Game development equipment

To execute the project effectively and efficiently, the team must acquire the essential machines. The machines will not only make work easier but also promote accuracy. The team needs powerful hardware for the project. 

Remember, when the team is big, the range of equipment required will also be bigger, thus accelerating the total cost. Besides, the game scope also determines the cost of casino game to be effective.

Game development staff

Like a building under construction, it can't be possible without engineers, architects, and technicians. That's similar to game development. It's not possible without competent staff on board. You need skilled personnel to make the best games.

The people required during the game development process include programmers, animators, producers, and designers. However, the company may also need cooks, security personnel, and secretaries, if they operate from a central location.


Any product developer understands that after developing a new product, the next essential aspect is its marketing. Marketing mainly involves awareness creation through various mechanisms that entice customers to buy the product. That's the same thing that happens in the game development process. You can learn more about marketing techniques for online casino games in particular if you visit the Entrepreneurship In A Box website.

There must be a marketing team that makes the game familiar to the Canadian online gamblers. Marketing budgets are mostly high because of the activities employed. They must aim at driving more sales hence requiring adequate financial investment.

Localizing the game

You may find games are in different languages, depending on the region. For instance, a game in the Canadian language isn't relevant to foreigners who do not know the language.

There is a need to localize the game to fit the online gambling enthusiasts in various regions. The process requires dedicated staff who understand what they do. As you localize it, also consider if the price is the right budgeting game.

How much does it cost to make a game app? It is still hard to answer this question as it depends on different things as the cost of game development varies from one game to another. 


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