How to Keep Warm Without Compromising on Style

Winter is fashion’s nightmare. All too often you end up bundling into the warmest, bulkiest items you have because you simply can’t handle it anymore. Those photos of models looking effortless in their thin winter clothes is a fallacy, especially if you live in areas where rain is common like the UK. It is this very same rain that can make a winter day feel colder than if you were in -10C weather with snow. To stay warm, you need to know how to stay dry, and with this guide, you can look great while you are at it.

Know Your Material

You need to understand material. Not only is it important to gauge the quality of an item, it is also incredibly useful in understanding how it will perform. A shirt is not just a shirt; it is a means to keep warm or cool. Once you go into shopping with this understanding, you can then vet your clothes based on how warm they will keep you. Cotton, for example, absorbs moisture. In winter it will mean freezing from your own sweat or from the rain outside, whereas wool takes moisture away and is a very good insulator.

Layer Up

Layers are the fashionistas response to styling in winter. It is also a great way to actually control how warm or cool you want to be. Anyone who takes the Underground knows the pain of dressing up warmly for the cold weather outside and then being drenched in heat once they are in the Tube. By using layers, you can always be the right temperature, and benefit from wearing a visually engaging outfit day after day.

Have a Good Coat

Want to keep warm? Get a good coat. This is one of the most obvious but effective methods of staying warm throughout winter. The quality of the coat in question, however, is where you need to focus your shopping efforts. Looking for Donkey jackets? Then choose a style and brand that offer Italian wool that has been made to perfection by craftsman right here in the UK. You will stay warm, look great, and have a coat that will perform well throughout winter and actually last beyond the season.

Gloves and Hats are a Must

Your hands will always be colder than other parts of your body, like your stomach. This is because there is minimal skin insulating your blood. To stay warm, then, you need to invest in quality gloves otherwise your hands will freeze. The same applies to your neck and head, so don’t leave without your full winter gear.

Knowing the logistics of how certain fibres can help keep you warm is a great place to start. Once you know that, you can then start investing in the right pieces. For women, it could be a pair of wool tights underneath your trousers. For men, a great coat and wool socks could be the trick. Either way, make your clothes work for you, so you can layer it up in style instead of drown in bulk.


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