How to have the most stylish home in Shrewsbury

There are many reasons for making a home in Shrewsbury. This wonderful historical town in the heartland of England has a strong community spirit, fine facilities and good local infrastructure. Add into the mix the beautiful surrounding countryside and it's easy to understand why settlers to the Shrewsbury area are on the increase.

Once settled into a new Shrewsbury house it's time to get to work transforming it into a home by furnishing it with the right accessories and pieces that reflect your personal style. A new home offers an exciting interior design challenge and householders are often keen to mark it in their own distinctive style. After initial decorating and the choosing of new colour schemes, the fun really starts. Current trends in home interiors frequently reference recurring themes and here are some ideas for what's hot right now:  

Romancing the home

We seem to be heading back into the romantic era with a huge emphasis on interiors featuring classic floral textiles, rich fur throws and extravagant soft furnishings. An emphasis on comfort and sensuality is highlighted. Chic interiors can be accessorized with charming suspended heart motifs that turn gently in the candlelight. The flickering flames of real candles underline the romantic atmosphere further. This key look is best achieved with magical tea lights, candelabras and stylish hurricane lamps.

Animal madness

Sometimes we struggle to give a room a little personality. Modern homes can be lacking in character and so it is down to us to inject some fun into our interiors. Sculptures and ornaments with an animal theme have always been popular, but we must say goodbye to the old fashioned china knick-knacks of our grandmother's era and embrace the new breed of cool, bold animal accessories. Too squeamish for taxidermy but like the idea of a stag's head greeting visitors in the entrance hall? Consider a shiny reproduction stag's head in an attractive silver finish. Other 3D animal artwork that turns a dull wall into a talking point include cow, giraffe, rhino and horse heads. They all look fantastic; the hardest part is deciding which one to choose. Maybe channel old safari lodges and group them all like trophies across a single wall. That will get the neighbours talking! If this is too much overkill, try adding other creature features on a smaller scale – an owl or rabbit scatter cushion or minimalist bird carving will look just as elegant.

Modern muse

Sometimes the only style that works in a home is contemporary. If the architecture and fabric of the building is unapologetically modern, bending it to indulge a love for antique interiors is not advisable. Embrace the modern look with clean lines and lean furnishings that echo the spare design of the home. Avoid too much detail, choose textiles with texture rather than pattern and select from a cool and muted colour palette. The coolest contemporary rooms contain a couple of well-chosen arty accessories. Perhaps a large charger on a stand, a beautifully carved wooden vase or an amorphous urn perfectly placed in a window alcove – all ideas that look stunning.

Putting down roots in a new place like Shrewsbury is all about feeling comfortable and at home. Using these pointers on current interior trends, the most stylish home in Shrewsbury can be yours.


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