How to Find Your Perfect First Car

Passing your driving test is cause for celebrations. As a teenager who has to rely on public transport or their parents, a driving license offers freedom and luxury as you can purchase your own vehicle and drive wherever you wish. Yet, purchasing your first car can be stressful for both your parents and yourself. You want it to aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to be cost effective and economical.

Continue reading for advice on how to find your perfect first car, and if you are still yet to pass, consider contacting, who are dedicated to helping you pass, so you are one step closer to your ideal vehicle.

New or Used

Everyone wishes for a brand new vehicle, but usually, the costs are too high and you have to settle for a used car instead. Of course, this does not mean you have to settle for a car you dislike, as there are many reasonable second-hand cars out there. Coincidentally, if you are a parent worried about your teenager’s ability to upkeep a vehicle, then a second-hand car isn’t as costly or risky as buying them a brand new car for them to accidentally scratch or eventually neglect.


There are many different styles of cars out there, all offering their own quirks, aesthetics and potential. Therefore, the choice can be overwhelming at times. Many wish for their petrol (or diesel) counterpart to coincide with their personality, which is why you could take a fun test that may reveal the best car for you.

However, it would be wise for you to consider your surroundings and where you mostly drive. If you love the countryside and reside in a small village, then your options are less limited, as you could have anything ranging from a hybrid to a 4x4. Of course, if you live in a city, then a smaller car may be a more sensible option, especially if parking is a tight squeeze.

What’s Essential?

You may lust for that Range Rover, but do you truly need it? A convertible is incredibly sleek, but can you live with small back seats and a lack of boot space? These are the types of questions you need to be willing to ask, otherwise, you may regret it in the months to come.

With the growing technological advancements, cars are becoming tech-savvy. Therefore, if you are geographically challenged, the make sure there is built-in sat-nav, or if the ability to play music is important, make sure Bluetooth can be utilised.


Once you’ve narrowed down the models you’re willing to consider, it’s time to approach a car dealership and take them out for a test drive. Make sure to take a friend or family member along so they can offer their own opinions, and ensure you test the car on a variety of terrain if possible. Once you’ve found a car you are content with, take the time to think things through, and do not let the salesman pressure you.

Ask About Extras

It is always smart to shop around before committing to a dealership. Then, not only do you get the best deal, but you also have the opportunity to ask for extras such as a free tank of fuel or car mats.


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