How to Create a Brand Identity

Your brand identity is an imperative part to any marketing campaign you create. Without strong branding, your company does not have a clear message or persona that customers and users alike can use to remember who you are. With the right branding, you can create a memorable persona that conveys not just your name, but your company’s tone and even your message. From your logo to your design, your branding must be cohesive, beautiful, and memorable. To find creative and effective branding, you need to follow these steps:  

What is Your Message

Before you can worry about what design choices you will make, you first need to narrow down your brand’s message. Your branding, after all, should convey who you are as a company, and for that, you will need to narrow down your message so that you can check at every stage of the process that your design choices reflect that message. If your brand’s message is happiness, or for a green world, stick with that. The message does not need to be long, but it must be reflected in your branding.

What is Your Tone

If your message is more complicated, then you will also need to choose your tone. If your brand’s message is to bring happiness to your customers, then you already have your tone chosen. If, on the other hand, your message is more complicated, like effective and easy migration to cloud computing, then choosing a tone is necessary to help you combine design with your message. For example, you will want to convey a digital, futuristic tone that can help tell your audience what your company does without words.

What Design Choices Convey These Ideas

Now that you know the message and tone, it’s time to choose the colours and symbols that will convey these ideas to others. Lightning symbols can convey power or speed, the sun is used to convey happiness, and so on. Colour and symbols play a huge role in how we communicate, so use these to your advantage.

Translate Your Design to Different Spaces

Your brand identity can not just be found in your marketing tools, but in different spaces like your stores and even your office spaces as well. Depending on your company’s size, this could mean completely building an office space from the ground up like the Google or Amazon headquarters, or it could mean hiring to redesign the office space you have to better your employees’ experience at work. Your employees need to be cared for, and by integrating functional design with your company’s branding, you can better their experience and help them feel proud of where they work. Pride, after all, is critical to ensuring that your employees associate your success as their own.

Creating your brand identity is the first step to becoming recognizable. When you go through the effort to do more with your brand identity than just choose a logo, you can create instant and powerful connections wherever you go.


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