How to Choose Great Hosting for Multiple Websites

When you plan to start more than one website, the decision for hosting becomes a bit more difficult. If you plan to use WordPress as the platform for your websites, you need a great hosting company with the capability to provide plenty of resources and features for your websites.

Many bloggers and website owners will use multiple websites to build a dependable online income. However, managing all the sites can be a bit difficult without the right tools. It all starts with the hosting.

Why Should you Use WordPress?

Whenever you start a new blog or website, you either need strong coding knowledge or a platform to make it easy. WordPress is the best and most popular online platform for blogging and website design.

It's easy to use and you can even use the WordPress MU (multiuser) installation to manage multiple sites from one location. This makes it easier than dealing with separate installations for each site.

WordPress is an open source project supported by thousands of developers and hundreds of thousands of users. The support community is huge and it's easy to get things up and running fast with WordPress.

Finding the Right Multi Website Hosting Company

Hosting multiple websites means you have to look at the more than just the price and the hosting company. Since you want to host more than one site, you obviously need hosting for multiple domains. Along with multiple domain hosting, you need to consider the storage space and the bandwidth you will need.


Each website will contain files that take up space. These files work together and make your site or blog what it is. When you plan to start multiple websites, you need to consider how much storage you need. You may be able to start with a smaller shared hosting company and upgrade as you need more storage. Make sure the hosting company you choose for your multi-site network offers upgrades for storage.


Bandwidth or data transfer is another piece of the puzzle. When a visitor finds your blog or website, bandwidth will be used to provide them with the files for your website.

If you plan on building your traffic to more than 1,000 visitors per day, you may need to upgrade to cloud VPS hosting from your shared hosting account. This type of hosting will support a higher number of daily visitors without slowing your website down.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend for Good Multi Website Hosting?

Website hosting can range from $1 per month to over $1,000 per month. Shared hosting is by far the cheapest with VPS falling in between shared and dedicated server hosting. Starting a multi-site network can be done with shared hosting, but you need to have the option to grow into a VPS account as traffic picks up.

If you start with the cheapest hosting you can find, you may not get the support and service you need. It may also not give you the ability to support a multi-site network or upgrade, when necessary.

You can get cheap business hosting for around $5 per month to get you started. However, make sure you can upgrade to a shared hosting account with more storage and options, when necessary. In addition, make sure you can upgrade to cloud VPS hosting when you outgrow shared hosting.

There are several things to consider with multi-site hosting. Make sure you get everything you need and you will be ready to start building your income producing site network.


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