How can redesigning your office boost productivity?

If you run your own business in Shrewsbury or are in a managerial position in someone else’s, then employee productivity is key. Making sure that the staff who you employ are working to their maximum potential is not only good for them but also essential for business success. A productive workforce that is engaged with their roles will be much more likely to help your company grow into the future along with giving better customer service for people within Shrewsbury.

What can you do to boost your employees’ productivity if needs be? One big factor that can really affect it is the design of your office. If you find that your employees are not as productive as you would like, then it could be down to how your office is laid out. A badly designed office that is cluttered or does not promote productive working can lead to reduced levels of working.

If you find yourself in this position, then you may need to think about a complete office redesign through a company such as Office Monster.

How can an office redesign help boost productivity?

Any Shrewsbury-based business that has its own offices should be confident that the space works as well as it should. If not, then you may need to think about having a complete redesign! Here are some ways that this could help make your staff more productive:

  • Re-engages workers – there is no doubt that happy staff who feel a real part of your business will produce more. This is just plain human nature! Including your staff in the plans for a complete redesign of the office that they work in will make this happen naturally. As they will have had the chance to feed into the new office design, they will produce more when working in it due to feeling happier. Give them the chance to have their voices heard and you will soon find that the new office they have to work in will get the best from them.
  • Encourages collaboration – many traditional office layouts are terrible for encouraging movement and collaborative working. In the modern business world, this is not good as collaboration between your staff will foster innovation along with a better workflow. If you redesign your office to enable this to happen more, then staff will produce more as a result.
  • Provides more choice of workspace – not everyone can work to their best in an open-plan office, while others hate being shut away in a private office. The issue for many offices is that they only offer one way of working, which can harm productivity for those who do not like it. By redesigning your office to cater to more than one way of working, employees can choose the workspace that best allows them to produce the most.
  • Better working environment – this again ties into the fact that staff who feel happier coming into work will generally perform better. If your current office design is tired, unsafe or depressing to work in, then productivity will suffer. By redesigning and redecorating to fix this, you will solve this issue.

Simple ways to redesign and redecorate any office

The great news for anyone looking at boosting productivity through office design is that it doesn’t have to cost lots. Very often, cosmetic factors can give the exact results that are needed. Take the window fittings in your office space as an example. Why not install stylish and inexpensive window shutters as you would in living room decoration? This will allow your workers to control the amount of sunlight that enters their space to make it a more comfortable place to work.

These are the kinds of things that will work well in any Shrewsbury-based business. From a fresh lick of paint on the walls, to moving how the desks are laid out, to installing plants to freshen the atmosphere up, there are many ways to achieve an office redesign that will do the job. Most of it does not need to cost a fortune either.

Office redesign for Shrewsbury businesses

The office space that your workforce occupies is vital to how they perform. A space that inhibits their ability to produce their best is simply not good enough for modern organisations. If you find yourself not getting all that you feel you can from your workers, then the office that they work in is the first place to look at. From simple redecoration tips and moving office furniture around to create a better flow in the room, there are many easy ways to go about sorting this out.


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