How to Avoid Potholes

Potholes in roads are an absolute menace and cost British drivers an estimated £2.8 billion a year. Unfortunately, thanks to a succession of bad winters, our roads are littered with them.

With winter on the way, UK Claim Lawyers have produced a useful infographic to explain why potholes are so dangerous and a guide to help you avoid them in the first place. Their advice is not to underinflate tyres, be careful when driving through puddles, and don’t drive too fast

They point out that most local authorities don’t spend anywhere near enough on maintaining roads and a car is damaged every 11 minutes. Local authorities pay out an estimated £3 million in compensation claims because of poor roads every year, although 77% of claims are unsuccessful. Even more usefully, the infographic warns you that the worst counties for pothole claims are Surrey, Essex and Kent, and are therefore best avoided at all costs!


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