House Prices Expected to Fall Sharply After Brexit

Brexit has caused a ripple effect all over the globe, but people in the UK are feeling the effects most. In fact, even the housing market is facing a sharp decline in home prices. While this may be good news to buyers, it’s bad news for homeowners who were hoping to make the most of their real estate investment once they were ready to sell. But there are things that you can do to increase your home price if you wish to sell. Continue reading for some home improvements that you can make today to add value to your home right away. 

Update Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Outdated heating and cooling systems will bring your home value down, so invest in these upgrades first if you want to attract buyers who will be willing to pay more. Sources like can even give you access to modern, attractive features, from designer radiators and mirror radiators, to heated towel rails, that will make your home look and feel more luxurious.

Add an Addition

Adding one or more rooms to your existing property is the only way to increase its square footage and ask for a higher asking price as a result. While this will be a more expensive investment than many homeowners would be comfortable making, and while you may need to get a permit for such major renovations, it will definitely be worthwhile in the end. Not only will you have more living space to enjoy until you sell your home, but you’ll also be able to sell your home for much more than it’s currently worth.

Focus on the Kitchen and Bathrooms

If you’re on a tight budget but you definitely want to find ways of increasing your home’s value, look no further than your kitchen and your bathrooms. These are the most important rooms that homebuyers look at when they’re shopping for the ideal place to live, as they’ll require the most expensive renovations if they’re out-of-date. So upgrade your appliances, apply fresh coats of paint to the walls, and clean out the bathroom, particularly if you have any mould or mildew stains in the shower.

Don’t Forget the Curb Appeal

Homeowners often focus too much of their attention on the inside of their home, neglecting the outside. But the truth is that curb appeal is really important in attracting more homebuyers who are willing to pay more for a property that they love and that’s move-in ready. If you don’t have a green thumb, hire a professional landscaper who will make sure your lawn looks lush and the right trees, bushes, and flowering plants create an idyllic appearance both in the front of your home and in your backyard.

Just because the housing market is taking a turn for the worse because of Brexit doesn’t mean that you have to suffer as a homeowner. If you employ the right home improvement strategy, you can make your home worth a lot more so you can get the money you deserve when you sell.


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