Henry Don ‘Research I’ Press Release

My name is Henry Don and I am an unsigned musician living just outside Chirk near Oswestry. I am sixteen years old and started playing guitar when I was seven. I immediately got into writing songs. Since then I have played numerous live shows and recorded a few songs. This January saw the release of my debut album ‘Research I’.

Album Info
The entire album was recorded in my bedroom near Oswestry and despite it being a very short album it took over a year to produce. The album had no budget and was recorded onto my laptop using very basic equipment and software. It is a project which involved the research of myself hence the name ‘Research I’. The album is a mere thirteen minutes long however a lot of work was put into every track to ensure not only that each song reflected the essence of the album but also to make sure that the sound was as good as it could be.
Having spent a year producing this album it was released on the 12th January 2014. On the date of its release the first track of the album was played on Radio Pembrokeshire; quite a few other radio stations, such as Calon FM and Manchester Radio Online, have also confirmed that they would like to play one of the songs off the album. The whole album can be both streamed and downloaded online via SoundCloud and can be listened to on Spotify as well.

Upcoming Shows
I have two confirmed upcoming shows which are aimed at promoting the album. I am playing at The Salopian Bar in Shrewsbury on the 28th March and at the Lowfield Inn in Marton on the 11th April. There will be more shows in the spring which are yet to be confirmed.

Album Track Listing

  1. Descent
  2. Wanderings
  3. My Inferno
  4. For The Ghost
  5. Closed

Listen to the album on Soundcloud


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