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These jolly croqueteers are playing golf croquet, a game which regular readers will know I greatly dislike. You can recognise the game by the togetherness of the players, syou omething that would not occur in the Association game. So what's it doing in my blog, when normally I shun the very mention of the game? Well, I thought I'd better tell how it works, so that you don't mistake it for the real thing, should you come upon it unawares while strolling through Monkmore Rec. Not that that's very likely:  99% of the time, it's Association you'll see at Monkmore, although countrywide this form of croquet is rapidly taking over in many clubs.

It goes roughly like this: 4 players have a ball each; they approach the first hoop in turn; as soon as one of them puts his or her ball through hoop one, they proceed to hoop 2. And so on. The first player to 'collect' 7 hoops is the winner. About as interesting as tiddlywinks - but that's just my opinion, don't forget. And at least golf croquet players don't call it 'goff'.

This week's good news is that yesterday (Aug 28th) Shrewsbury beat Church Stretton in the A49 Challenge, an annual and bitterly contested 'friendly', usually won, it must be admitted by Church Stretton, possibly because some of our members are also members of Stretton and play for them in this needle event. (That should bring a few furious emails.)

I can't remember what the score was but if you are desperate to know, why not phone Graham Colclough, our Secretary on 01939 233196. He will happy to tell you that membership of Shrewsbury Croquet Club costs only £50 per year and the only equipment you will need to buy is a pair of flat soled shoes. Ask Santa for a pair of trainers and you'll be all set for next season. Or book a free taster session before the end of this season (Sept 30).


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