A girls’ night in hitting the online games

Planning a girls’ night in? Forget about discussing new hairstyles and trying out make-up, etc., because these days, girls are just as likely to enjoy playing online games as the lads are, one such site is www.boomtownbingo.com

Who said only boys are gamers?

There is a myth that girls are not gamers; not only does this get the teeth gnashing of the thousands of dedicated female gamers out there, but it is also quite simply not true. New figures suggest that as many as 45% of all online gamers are women, who constitute 46% of regular video game purchasers. Other statistics you may find interesting are that 70% of females between the ages of 12 and 24 play video games and 61% in the 45-64 age group.

Different types of online gaming

Forgetting about video games for a moment and considering online games and the numbers are probably even higher. Online gaming is huge these days and can manifest itself in a wide variety of forms, from console or PC ‘shoot ‘em up’ games and sports games, etc. to online casino games and quizzes. As a generalised rule women typically gravitate towards the latter. Games, quizzes and fun polls on social media sites, such as Facebook, are also extremely popular.

Preparing for a gaming girls’ night in

Of course, a girls’ night in playing online games is not just about you, your mates and a computer; being girls, you’ll want to do it in style. So, how should you prepare for a girls’ games night? Remember that you’ll need more than a computer to impress your BFFs, who are used to a bit more in the way of comfort than their male counterparts.

You’ll need refreshments, of course; what food and drink do you plan on serving and how will you incorporate them into the gaming angle of the evening? Perhaps most importantly, how are you planning on seating everyone so that it emphasises the social aspects of the evening and gives everyone a chance to get involved?

Plan an online bingo night

Traditional casino games, in addition to bingo, are all especially popular with women. Bingo, which has traditionally been seen as a game shunned by the younger age group, has been given a new lease of life in its fashionable new digital clothes. In fact, online bingo can be a fun and entertaining social activity for a night in. It offers the chance to have a little flutter and perhaps win some extra pocket money, all without taking itself too seriously.

A national newspaper, the Daily Mirror, quickly recognised that its readership, particularly the female readers, would be interested in online bingo so it created one of the most used bingo sites around today, predictably named Mirror Bingo. It emphasises the colourful and fun aspects of the game and enhances the social experience through its chat rooms. Thousands of readers now visit mirrorbingo.com on a daily basis to play bingo and slots. You are really spoiled for choice with bingo sites; there are many others online that provide a great gaming experience for customers.

Leave your preconceptions behind and plan a night in with your BFFs with fun, gossip, refreshments and online games. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have.


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