The Future is Wakanda

With the amount of hype that has engulfed everything Black Panther, there is little that stops the title statement from being true. It might be the story of the black superhero coming of age or it is just that Hollywood was in desperate need of some diversity. Whichever it is, there is no doubt that the movie based on the Vibranium powered superhero has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. A shockwave that is very rewarding to the parent company, Marvel Comics.

To Wakanda and Beyond

Before the release of the Black Panther movie, the Wonder Woman flick was the superhero movie that everyone was talking about. The response to the female superhero anchored movie was so phenomenal that the DC Comics decided to re-shot scenes in the Justice League movie in order to make Her more prominent. Clearly, the age of the usual heroes including Superman and Batman is setting, Did you know that you can play movie based game or pokies for real money at reelsofjoy casino and stand a chance to win big.

The reaction of the critics and viewers alike to the Black Panther movie was unbelievable. It was even greater than for the Wonder Woman film. Therefore naturally there are actions that are being taken to maximize the returns from the movie. Actions that are more drastic than those taken on the Wonder Woman movie.

The Future

Already the latest edition of the Black Panther comic is already out and guess what, it starts from where the movie left off.  Obviously, the comic is now a very popular one and the returns on the sale of the comic plus the movie success will definitely inspire a sequel to the movie. 

Looking in the crystal ball to see what the next movie will be like is hard. But one thing is for sure, the next Black Panther movie has to be awesome. Already there are football stars that are using the Wakanda forever salute to celebrate their goals. It is not surprising that soon there will be a real money casino game based on the Black Panther movie all over the world including canadian online sites and other biggest online games.


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