Full Body Scan for Ultimate Night Sleep

Most people don’t expect a full body scan when they go to buy a new bed.

But customers at Alan Ward in Shrewsbury could find themselves undergoing one to make sure their new bed is the perfect fit.

The new service at the independent furniture store in Ennerdale Road offers the latest technology in helping people make the right choice of mattress for a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.

“The BodyScan is a pressure imaging system, developed by leading bed manufacturer Sleepeezee,” said Debbie Pitcher, Alan Ward’s bed department manager.

“It identifies the optimum level of support for an individual. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing so it’s so important to have the right mattress for you.”

Mrs Pitcher said Pressure Imaging is used in more than 40 countries worldwide by medical, aerospace, automotive and professional sports industries to research and perfect products.

She said: “We use it to achieve optimum comfort, support and performance for customers.

“BodyScan is a sophisticated Pressure Imaging System that uses over 1,600 Active Sensor Points to identify your body’s unique pressure map.

“The BodyScan indicates areas of your body that require higher and lower levels of support, and selects a mattress that is designed specifically for your body type and preferred sleeping position.

“It eliminates the guesswork involved in choosing the right mattress, giving you peace of mind that your choice will provide the optimum level of support for the healthiest, most comfortable night’s sleep possible.”

The BodyScan pressure imaging is available in the store on their PURE collection of beds and mattresses.

Mrs Pitcher said the BodyScan analysis only takes a few minutes.

She said: “Firstly your individual details are entered into the system.

“Then you will be required to lay in two sleeping positions: on your back for 30 seconds and then on your side for 30 seconds.

“A printout is then generated indicating the three best beds in the PURE collection that will suit you perfectly and provide optimum support.

“Buying a mattress is so important and not something we do that every day so it’s vital to get it right when we do,” Mrs Pitcher added.

A 30-night guarantee is available on every bed purchased using the results of a BodyScan analysis.

“We’re really excited about the new technology here in store and we’re sure our customers will love it too, especially when it gives them that all important good night’s sleep and right now there’s 30 per cent off the recommended retail price of all PURE collection beds and mattresses.”


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