Footballing rivalry splits Shropshire household

Footballing rivalry can be found among many families up and down the country - but in one Shropshire household talented siblings have created a very local rivalry.

Maisy Millerchip, 14, and her brother Max, 12, from Coton, near Wem, were both headhunted to play for teams in Telford and Shrewsbury.

The pair, who are both pupils at Thomas Adams School in Wem, play every Saturday in games across the county and beyond, but do not share the same views on which team is the best.

Maisy, a year 10 pupil, plays for AFC Telford under 16 girls team in the Shropshire League.

Year eight pupil Max plays for Shrewsbury Town Academy Recruitment Centre (ARC) under 13 boys team in the Midlands Junior League.

Maisy said: “I love playing football, women’s football is really skillful and it is really popular these days.
“My cousin plays football and I loved watching her then when I tried it I really enjoyed it too.

“I would much rather watch women’s football than men’s because it doesn’t have people falling over and pretending to be injured.”

Max, who is a Liverpool fan, disagreed.

He said: “Men’s football is by far the best.

“My Shrewsbury team is great and each game I play in is really fast paced and tactical.”

Their mum Terri-Ann Plant, 39, and dad Robert Millerchip, 46, share the taxi and cheering duties so they get to see both children play.

Miss Plant said: “At one point they both played for Frankwell but when that club dissolved we needed to find another.

“Telford approached Maisy and Shrewsbury approached Max while he was playing for Prees.

“Over the dinner table we often have disputes about football.

“They are not too bad with the Shrewsbury and Telford rivalry, it is more about men and women’s football - Maisy doesn’t have the opportunity to play in the type of club Max is at because there just isn’t one.

“Maisy tends to start and finish these arguments.”
The pair also play for their school in Lowe Hill Road and Max plays for Prees as well.

Miss Plant added: “Both of them would like to go on to play professionally.

“They have always been sporty, from a young age, we tried various sports football is the one they stuck at.”


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