Five Office Essentials to Keep Your Employees Happy

It’s not a secret that happy employees work harder, are more loyal, and produce better work. If you’re known as an employer that has happy employees, you’ll find that more people want to work for you too, meaning you’ll have access to better talent and the ability to move your business in a big way. However, keeping your employees happy can be hard. You need to be able to please everyone without taking on ridiculous or personal requests. You need to find the line between acceptable office additions, and office distractions. Continue reading for five office essentials that’ll keep your employees happy, without reducing their productivity.

A great coffee machine

Not everyone works in a big enough environment to justify having an on-site café. Nor do all businesses work within a few minutes’ walk of a coffee shop – and even if you do, you wouldn’t want your employees leaving every hour to get a coffee. So, the solution is to invest in a great coffee machine. Don’t just get a low quality, cheap one. Do some research, like on sites such as and make sure you’re giving your employees something that they’d choose themselves.

A break room

The best way to get the most out of your employees is to ensure they’re not overworked. You want them to feel refreshed and ready to tackle new jobs, whether it’s first thing in the morning, or late in the afternoon. So, give them the chance to get away from their desks. Don’t expect them to work and eat in the same place. People need a physical change to be able to refocus and work harder. Having a break room or area means that your employees can step away from their work and take a breather – and not feel restricted to the same few square feet of the office all day. If you don’t have room for this, then at least try to arrange a few comfy chairs to be positioned together.

Plenty of free fruit and snacks

Giving away fresh, healthy food is a nice touch for all employees. The fact you aren’t just investing in an unhealthy vending machine, but actually giving something healthy and more original will go down well. It could be as simple as fresh fruit, or you could look at getting snacks too. Asking your employees what they want is a good idea: it’s an easy way to give them what they want, without having to spend loads of money.


If you’ve got the space, instilling a few games will help liven the mood. A table tennis set is easy to put up and easy to store, as it can just sit on existing table space. Any games will help cheer your employees up, and make them realize you care about their well-being and how much they enjoy work.

Comfy chairs

Comfy chairs are vital, and not just from a health perspective. Yes, your employees need ergonomic office chairs to help prevent injury and pain. However, if you can install a break-out room or area, having comfy chairs will help employees relax and enjoy their downtime.


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